The Library of Congress has recently been the recipient of a new collection of American Civil War portraits that they are putting online to share with the public.

This collection of approximately 700 ambrotype and tintype photographs was donated by collector Tom Liljenquist and highlights both Confederate and Union soldiers during the Civil War.

The photographs are a great peek back in time to the young men who fought in the war. These photos are more than just portraits. They are often “battle ready” photos showing the men kitted out for war. This makes it a great opportunity to see battle ready Civil War soldiers in the various Civil War regiments – including rare images of African Americans who served their country in this trying time.

Each photo has a brief caption associated with it to help you know what you are viewing. This includes details like regiments or particular interesting items portrayed in the uniform of the men.

The collection is freely available to all and available at the Library of Congress.

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