Production 1908-1927
Predecessor Ford Model S
Successor Ford Model A
Body style sedan, coupe, pickup truck
Engine 177 in³ (2.9 L) 4 cylinder motor, 20 hp
Transmission Rear wheel drive, planetary gear, 2 speed
Fuel capacity 10 gallons
Designer Henry Ford, Childe Harold Wills, Joseph A. Galamb and Eugene Farkas

The Ford Model T (colloquially known as the Tin Lizzie and the Flivver) was an automobile produced by Henry Ford’s Ford Motor Company from 1908 through 1927. The model T set 1908 as the historic year that the automobile came into popular usage. It is generally regarded as the first affordable automobile, the car which “put America on wheels”; this was due to some of Ford’s innovations, including assembly line production instead of individual hand crafting, as well as the concept of paying the workers a wage proportionate to the cost of the car, so that they would provide a ready made market. (Ford also attempted a ‘buy on time’ program to aid sales, resembling that of the German Kdf-Wagen [the forerunner of the Volkswagen Beetle]. Ford’s plan was not a success, either.) The first production Model T was built on September 27, 1908, at the Piquette Plant in Detroit, Michigan.

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