Coney Island was famous throughout the world as a place to play. In its heyday, it was a very exciting and in place to visit and have fun. It attracted millions of people throughout the world.

It is currently going through a revival and restoration in an attempt to recapture its former glory. Will it succeed? Only time will tell.

In the meantime, lets look at a few memorable events from its colorful past.

Coney Island first became a place to go to in the 1830s where it evolved into a seaside result for many decades until in the 1890s, it really started expanding and the first of its attractions, the “Sea Lion Park” created by Captain Paul Boyton opened. (As an aside, Captain Boyton is credited with creating the idea of an amusement park.)

In 1897, George Tilyou opened Steeplechase Park. This theme park is best noted for its signature ride – a massive eight land steel track with wooden horses that people could ride on – really one of the very first roller coasters.

From that point on, roller coasters were off to the races so to speak. In fact, Coney Island was often the first place to semonstrate new roller coaster technologies. Throughout the years, they have had the Flip Flap Railway, the Loop-the-Loop – the first loop roller coaster which was interestingly a flop as not too many people were daring enough to ride on it, the Giant Racer and the world famous Coney Island Cyclone.

All in all, Coney Island had over 30 different roller coasters built from 1884 to the 1930s including the Thunderbolt in 1925 and the Tornado in 1926.

Coney Island has certainly been a memorable part of the United States and continues to have a great influence on modern amusement park designs. It will be long remembered.

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