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This is a collection of 74 Universal Newsreels relating to WWII and other events during the years 1937-1945. The entire collection, on 4 DVDs, is almost 7 hours in length and is arranged in chronological order.

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This is a collection of 74 Universal Newsreels relating to WWII and other events during the years 1937-1945. The entire collection, on 4 DVDs, is almost 7 hours in length and is arranged in chronological order. Because of poor storage conditions of some of the original films (especially the early years), the quality of some of the newsreels in this collection is poor but they are included due to their interesting content.

Here are all the newsreels that make up this historical collection:

  1. U.S. Faces War Says Roosevelt, 1937/10/06 (1937) "Chicago: In a ringing speech, President Roosevelt warns of a steadily-increasing danger of armed conflict menacing the United States. Without naming any nation as responsible, the Chief Executive finds a threat in present attacks from the air on civilians, and ships attacked and sunk by submarines in time of peace and without cause or notice. Gravely, the President asserts that if such things can happen in other parts of the world, America cannot feel secure for long. Universal Newsreel presents the President's speech as a historic document, and gives with it a dramatic view of incidents of aggression which called forth Mr. Roosevelt's impassioned warning." scenes of parade outdoors, sound of FDR speaking outdoors under tent, silent scenes of war inserted into FDR's speech, FDR says I Hate War.
  2. All Nations Shaken By War Crisis, 1938/09/19 (1938) "Washington, DC: In the face of a possible new world conflict abroad, Pres. Roosevelt summons his cabinet officers for a conference on the European crisis. (2) Paris, France: Premier Daladier and Foreign Minister Bonnet fly to London, where they and Prime Minister Chamberlain move to exert pressure on Czechoslovakia to grant Hitler's demands of Sudeten territory annexation. (3) England: Braemer, Scotland, King George cuts short a visit at the colorful Scottish games to rush home for conference with his 'War' Cabinet. (4) Germany: Goose-stepping soldiers march toward the Czech border as 'incidents' arise to threaten peace. Italy: Mussolini exorts his followers and declares his nation will side with Germany, war or no war! (5) Russia: The Soviet Republic, 'key' factor in the crisis, displays its military might as a warning to the fascist bloc. (6) Czechoslovakia: Between the 'fying pan' of British and French pressure, and the 'fire' of Nazi aggression, Pres. Benes takes a firm stand against annexation." scenes include White House, barrage balloons, Mussolini. (some parts silent in this partial newsreel without narration)
  3. Special Release - Europe At War!, 1939/09/04 (1939) (1) "Dramatic scenes of a new conflict that may envelop the world in flames! Hitler's war machine rolls into Poland, encouraged to strike by the new pact with Stalin's 'Red' Russia. With Danzig seized, Polish infantry and cavalry rally to the defense of their homeland. Italy remains in the background, while Nazis pour into the Siegfried Line to stem a possible Allied thrust. England: Tense eleventh-hour scenes in London, as Prime Minister Chamberlain declares a state of war exists! Troops mobilize and iar raid defenses are manned to prevent bombing attacks. Thousands of helpless children are evacuated to the countryside! France: The French war machine swings into high gear as France follows the lead of Britain in claring war! Bus-loads of troops leave the city enroute to the 'Front.' Eight million men under arms, ready to strike! The Maginot Line ready to repulse any attack!" (no sound) (2) Pres. Roosevelt Pledges To Keep U.S. Out Of War - "Washington, DC: President Roosevelt, his peace efforts failed, appeals for national unity in the crisis and pledges his fight for neutrality!" scenes of newsreel cameras and radios, sound of FDR speaking in the partial newsreel without narration
  4. Washington DC, 1940/05/13 (1940) "Washington DC: Strongly condemning the Nazi invasion of Holland and Belgium, President Roosevelt tells the 8th American Scientific Congress that the Americas are shocked and angered by Hitler's newest attack!" (only sound of FDR speech) (2) "Washington, DC: Reverberations of the 'Blitz-krieg' stir America! Envoys of Belgium and Holland say their nations will resist to the last! State Dept. and Cabinet officials call at the White House to discuss U. S. strategy in the latest war crisis!" scenes of envoy speaking, says that the Netherlands are resisting the German attack; another envoy speaks, says that King Leopold, like his father King Albert, opposes German invasion of Belgium.
  5. America Not Secure Against Brute Force Says Cordell Hull, 1940/05/15 (1940) "Washington, DC: Cordell Hull, Secretary of State, warns Americans to re-arm, to prepare against the threat of 'brute force'! Meanwhile, Gen. John J. Pershing, head of our Army during the World War, returns to lend his weight to speeding defense measures." (sound of Hull speaking)
  6. Mrs. F.D.R. In Red Cross Appeal, 1940/05/22 (1940) "Washington, DC: In a stirring appeal to the public to donate $10,000,000 to the Red Cross War Relief Fund, Mrs. Roosevelt says that the horrors of war abroad make necessary contributions from all Americans!" (sound of Eleanor Roosevelt speaking)
  7. Gen. Pershing Urges U.S. Rush Planes, Arms To The Allies, 1940/06/10 (1940) "Washington, DC: Gen. John J. Pershing, commander of the A.E.F. in France, says the 'Allies are fighting a war for civilization' and urges the country to send them unlimited supplies of planes, arms and ammunition!"
  8. Deanna Durbin Appeals For Donations, 1940/07/01 (1940) "Universal City, California: Deanna Durbin takes time off from production of her new picture, 'Spring Parade,' to make an appeal for donations to the war relief fund."
  9. Nation's Draft Lottery Held, 1940/10/30 (1940) "Washington, DC: Historic scenes as the first peace-time draft in the U.S. gets underway! Secretary of War Stimson draws out the first number, No. 158, and as Pres. Roosevelt broadcasts a message to the country, America's youth prepares to answer the call to arms!" (2) "Philadelphia, PA: Exclusive pictures of the metal drum used as a draft lottery bowl during the Civil War. It was unearthed along with old recruiting posters."
  10. Roosevelt Warns Of Danger To U.S. If Nazis Win War, 1940/12/31 (1940) (1) "Washington, DC: President Roosevelt tells the world that the U.S. is determined to aid Britain, that the Americas will be in constant danger if the Axis poers win the war, and that the United States must become a great arsenal to supply England with arms." scenes of FDR speaking at his desk, Fireside Chat #16 (2) North Sea Action - "Thrilling scenes as Nazis attack a British convoy. A warship commanded by the king's cousin is hit by a Nazi E-boat. Daring rescue work follows and other ships tow the crippled destroyers safely back to port."
  11. Halifax Says Hitler Invasion Will Fail, 1941/03/27 (1941) "New York, NY: Britain's Ambassador, Lord Halifax, addressing the Pilgrim Society on the British war situation, says the British spirit is such that the threatened Nazi invasion of England is doomed to failure." (speech sound) (2) "Newark, N.J., When Bruiser Burns meets 'Blimp' Levy in the Laurel Gardens ring, anything goes. No holds barred and the rougher the better. So when 'Blimp' Levy is tossed out of the ring, the house, literally, almost comes down." wrestling scenes include crowd sound.
  12. Aid Britain Says Hull, 1941/04/29 (1941) (1) "Cordell Hull Urges 'Quick' Aid To Britain "without hesitation" - "Washington, DC: American aid must get England and get there quickly, or it won't help anybody, the Secretary of State declares at a meeting of the Society of International Law." (2) More Taxes For Defense - "Washington, DC: American taxpayers will face the prospect of much higher taxes next year, Treasury Secretary Morgenthau tells Congress committee. Americans are willing to pay the price for adequate defense, he says."
  13. Soldier Welfare Service Launched At Monster Rally, 1941/05/22 (1941) (1) National Defense Highlights - "New York, NY: Addressing 15,000 parents, wives and sweethearts at the opening meeting of the United Service Organizations campaign, Thomas E. Dewey urges everyone to 'get behind' our fighting forces." Dewey speaks on the debate on foreign policy, "America stands united" (2) "Los Angeles, CA: Those laughable 'Buck Privates' Abbott & Costello who next are 'In The Navy' take a more serious view of national defense and urge all Americans to back the defense bond drive." (sound but poor video quality) (3) Outlines Woman's Role In War [correct date for this story is 5/27/41] "Atlantic City, NJ: Mrs. John Whitehurst, new president of the Federation of Women's Clubs, tells of the roles mothers, daughters and sweethearts will play in defending America. They'll even shoulder a gun if need be." sound of Mrs. Whithurst speaking, urging women to buy bonds, and other jobs woman can do.
  14. Nazis War On Russia, 1941/06/23 (1941) (1) German Invasion of Russia - "The war's most amazing about-face! Nazi Germany and Red Russia, partners in crime for the Polish campaign, are engaged in a life-and-death struggle along 2,000 miles of frontier. Millions of men and thousands of tanks and planes lock forces in what may well be the turning point of the war. " scenes include stock pictures of Russian farms, military, tanks, Molotov and Japan sign treaty (some sound) (2) "Washington, DC: The Russian envoy, Ambassador Oumansky, presents his country's views on the latest war move. He says that the Nazis have tackled something too big for them this time. Uncle Sam's position in the newest crisis is explained to the press by Undersecretary of State Sumner Welles. The administration says our immediate aim is to 'stop Hitlerism'." sound of Oumansky speaking (3) Canadian local: "U.S. Stars of Stage, Air, and Screen back War Loan Campaign." scenes include Donald Duck puppet
  15. Big News of 1941 - The Editors of Universal Newsreel present dramatic highlights of an epochal year, 1941/12/24 (1941) (1) Help For Democracies - America's answer - ships, tanks, guns and planes for the brave actions fighting aggression. As the Arsenal of Democracy, the U.S. delivers the goods!" - scenes include FDR speaking to Congress (2) The 3rd Term - "Unprecedented third term for President Roosevelt! Franklin Delano Roosevelt takes office at gravest crisis in America's history." (3) Sabotage and Strikes - "Flames of destruction destroy vital American factories and supplies. Strikes too cripple defense production, but the advent of war brings epic settlement." (4) The Flight of Hess - "Rudolph Hess, the mystery man of the year. His flight might have been the act of a desparate man to gain peace!" (5) No Oil For Hitler - "The Middle East theatre of war! Britain's occupation of Syria and Iran forestalls Nazi drive into the rich oil fields. (6) Selassie on Throne Again - "in Ethiopia, Hailie Selassie returns to his throne." (7) US Occupies Iceland - "American troops take over Atlantic outpost to counter Nazi drives towards this hemisphere and to protect shipping lanes." (8) Kearny Torpedoed - "Destroyer Kearny is torpedoed, first U.S. naval victim of the war." (9) Russian Victories - "Germany's invasion of the Soviet backfires! heroic defence by the Russians puts the Nazi invasion in reverse. Good news in 1941!" (10) British Win In Libya - "Britain's second drive into the North African country bodes well for the Allies. Imperial forces spread annihilation of Axis forces." (11) Japan's Treachery - "America is drawn into the world-wide war by Jap infamy and treachery in the Pacific. Dastardly dawn attack on Honolulu unites all Americans in vengeful determination to crush the war-lords of Japan. Get behind your President! Work for Victory! Buy Defense Bonds and Stamps!" ends with Victory for America logo.
  16. Churchill Safe At Home, 1942/02/02 (1942) (1) Over The Atlantic: "Britain's Prime Minister takes the controls of the huge flying boat that brings him home safely after the triumphal tour in America. His arrival in London is a bright moment for his admirers everywhere." scenes of Winston Churchill (some sound) (2) World of Sports - "Wembley, England: 66,000 fans forget the war for a brief moment of sporting thrills as the English 'football' team tackles the Scotsmen and win, 3-0. Mrs. Churchill gets a big hand from the fans."
  17. "Scrap Rubber Needed" - F.D.R, 1942/06/15 (1942) "Washington, DC: President Roosevelt appeals to nation, urging citizens to save and turn in all scrap rubber to Government for use in vital war industries." sound of FDR speech.
  18. Allied Convoy Battles Axis, 1942/07/13 (1942) (1) "Mediterranean: Amazing pictures of the great air-sea battle between an Allied Convoy to Malta, and Axis forces. Allied guns fill the air with bursting steel that brings many Nazi and Italian aircraft to sudden destruction. Allied marksmen thwart suicide attack of Italian torpedo plane." - naval combat footage of attacks on the Alexandria convoy (2) Local: Scots Cheer Royalty.
  19. Loretta Young Trailer, 1942/11/23 (1942) On location with Loretta Young filming the movie "China," and the actress speaks about Women At War Week begins Nov. 22, a "call to arms for all American women."
  20. F.D.R. Starts $9,000,000,000 'V' Loan Drive,1942/11/30 (1942) Sound of FDR speaking on the war bond campaign.
  21. Dover (1942) A documentary short film produced by the Great Britain Ministry of Information, released by the Office of War Information, distributed by the War Activities Committee of the Motion Picture Industry, introduced and narrated by Edward R. Murrow: "On the stamina of residents of Dover, England, during German bombing. Recounts two years of German aerial attacks on Dover and their lessening as England strikes back. Soldiers and citizens express confidences. Shows scenes of destruction and of civilians training to stave off a once-feared German invasion. A Salvation Army band plays in rubbled streets."
  22. Reds Rout Nazis, 1943/09/02 (1943) "The fifth year of the war sees invincible Russia triumphant over the enemy as the Nazis are steadily repulsed and forced to retreat from every front." scenes with some sound include artillery and injured infantry; fighter plane shot down; tanks advance, cavalry, flamethrower, dead soldiers.
  23. Long Way to Go Says FDR, 1943/09/09 (1943) (1) - "Pres. Roosevelt cites Italy's capitulation as a victory for the Italian people, as well as for Gen. Eisenhower, as he officially opens the Third War Loan Drive." includes scenes from Fireside Chat #26 and speech sound announcing Italian surrender (2) Churchill at Harvard - "Harvard confers its coveted degree upon Winston Churchill. In his speech, the Prime Minister pledges that England will march side by side with the U.S. to complete victory." (3) Blast Nazi Strongholds - "The R.A.F. roars over the North Sea in Boston bombers, and plants destructive delayed-action bombs on Valenciennes, France. Incredible speed marks the whole venture."
  24. MacArthur in Battle, 1944/03/13 (1944) (1) "General Douglas MacArthur, after 19 months of creeping warfare, is seen on the bridge of a plunging flagship, heading into one of the boldest moves of his South Pacific campaign. And a new type of landing operation is up for trial dependence is to be placed on surprise, rather than on pulverizing naval bombardment. Los Negros Island, in the Admiralties, is sighted, and the 5-inch guns of Uncle Sam's destroyers bark into action. Low flying bombers carefully drop their bombs, then race away. Landing barges are chugging ashore, filled with the unmounted ranks of the U.S. 1st Cavalry. Landed, they leap into the brush and proceed to exterminate Japs. Their kill runs to over 3,000, and Momote airfield is captured. Soon, we see Gen. MacArthur ashore, diSoundainful of snipers. He inspects the entire area, which has been so quickly captured. Then we learn one secret of this 3-star general's tremendous popularity with his men. He is sincerely grateful for their prowess at arms and he tells them so. Rabaul is doomed, and the Philippines are endangered." (2) China's Air Force Grows "'The Composite Wing' Southwest China Young Chinese aviators, under joint Yank and Chinese leadership, are visited by Generalissimo and Mme. Chiang Kai-shek. This air group is a nucleus for the growing air strength against Japan proper." (3) Nazi London "Bombing of London While London rocks to ack ack fire, Nazi bombers start some spectacular fires in the metropolis. Populace takes it manfully and is visited by the King and Queen." (4) 20 Children At Once "Kids by the Score Kent, Wash., Wilber Arketa and wife, fresh from their missionary work in Alaska, bring 20 assorted children, ranging from 2 to 18 in age, into the States with them. Adoption completed, they plunge into the vegetables. And they all acknowledge that Arketa is their daddy." (5) Deadliest Explosive "Ottawa: Canada announces successful production of R D X, the most powerful military explosive in the world. Dramatic tests force T N T to take second position." (6) Where Scrap Paper Goes (Exclusive) "Whippany, NJ: Huge paper mill of McEwan Bros. shows how scrap paper is re-processed into boxboard to provide packaging for war shipments and essential civilian goods." (7) News in Hair Do's (Exclusive) NYC: Appropriate hair do's for women's various activities of the present day are presented. Stealing first attention is the '7th Column,' a lacquered pompadour, which is designed to insure hair safety for war plant workers." (8) Our Mighty Navy Grows "Ship of Two Cities Quincy, Mass.: Hull of U.S.S. 'Springfield,' a 10,000 ton cruiser, is jointly sponsored by Miss McCurley of Springfield, Ill., and Mrs. Bertera of Springfield, Mass., as the ship is named for both cities." (9) Blimps Fly In Formation "In California, they do it the hard way again, U.S. Navy training blimps are flown in precision formations, despite their unwieldiness."
  25. Blast Berlin By Daylight, 1944/03/20 (1944) (1) "We accompany one of the 2,000 American plane formations that are bringing ruin and panic to Berlin. Miles of vapor-streaks are trailing after the huge Flying Fortresses, winging through the frigid sky. Crews are 'on oxygen.' Then Berlin is sighted and the bombs start cascading downward. The scene below is like a field of mushrooms. Flak comes up, and one of our motors goes dead. We head back to Blighty. Some shops drop flares announcing wounded aboard, and instant medical care is waiting, when the ships roll to a stop. Colonel Mumford interviews some of the other participants in the raid. They give their crisp, spicy version of this one, and ask for return assignments." (2) Prisoners of War in U.S. "Michigan: Nazi prisoners of war volunteer for forest duty in the north woods. Warmly clothed, they work like beavers. Then they devour their food, and return to the recreation rooms for checkers, ping pong and music by a Germand band." (3) Nazi Rubber Captured "Fortaleza, Brazil: Native fishermen ask no questions as they haul in bales of valuable rubber wafted to their shores by sea currents in which Nazi blockade runners had been sunk." (4) Women In The News "A giant U.S. Army transport lands at a Caribbean base and out steps Eleanor Roosevelt on a good-will mission in this vital defense area. 'H.M.S. Bataan' New South Wales, Mrs. Douglas MacArthur very appropriately launches this defiant new Australian destroyer." (5) Task Force Routs Japs "Our cameras open on a huge task force. War ships plunge through the waves, and a liberal sprinkling of big, graceful aircraft carriers races along. Truk has just been abased by a similar task force. The goal for this force is Saipan and Tinian Islands, in the lower Marianas (only 1,500 miles S.E. of Tokio). The Japs roar out to meet us. Hundreds of our carrier-based planes are awaiting their onset, and the killing drum fire of a staggering number of American ack ack guns starts taking its toll of the skulking Japs. They plummet into the sea like meteors. Some of them explode under water, adding fire works to their death at sea. And secondary explosions are caused as huge Jap bombs are flung upward by the sinking Jap planes. The sky is clouded with flak bursts, and streaked with tracer bullets. Box score 29 Jap planes are shot out of the sky." (6) Irish Have Their Day "Fifth Avenue: The lovely Irish take over on St. Patrick's Day. O'Brien and Kelly were there, Doran, LaGuardia and Sweeney, too. Sure the harp got a bit wet, and some of the lads wobbled a bit but wasn't it a lovely day? Yes it was."
  26. Jungle War In Burma, 1944/04/03 (1944) (1) Jungle War In Burma "Lord Louis Mountbatten, Commander-in-Chief of the Southeast Asia Armies, sends his forces down Burma's western shores in a master plan to regain Burma from Japs. We got a bird's eye view of the difficult terrain, then we watch the Tommies slither through the jungle brush, as their tanks blaze forth with supporting fire. Formations of Allied bombers spew their bomb loads on the resisting Japs and British artillery and machine guns finish the 'clearing out' job. The infantry cautionsly advances to carefully examine the prizes of their victory. Heaps of Jap guns and helmets and other war materiel are taken, together with Nipponese battle flags and communications. Shrinking Jap prisoners are hauled out of fox holes, and the seriously wounded are littered to the rear for treatment. All of which forms an interesting insight into the difficult task which confronts the Allies in reconquering Burma, a land infested with Fifth Columnists and spies." (2) Arabs Form Desert Unit " Arabia: The British have welded a tough native fighting unit, which utilizes mechanized equipment that matches their fighting zeal, in ruggedness and dogged determination."
  27. Rout Jap Naval Force, 1944/04/10 (1944) (1) Rout Jap Naval Force "Rabaul Harbor: Marvelous air pictures of a trim Jap cruiser getting the 'setting sun' bombed out of it. Our attacking plane knocks the wing off of a Jap fighter plane, then the Nip cruiser below is mercilessly attacked with high explosive bombs. We see hits and near hits, and leave the spoiled sea beauty, wreathed in smoke." 4. "Movies in War Bond Drive (2) Movie Report On 4th Loan "NYC: Sec. Henry Morgenthau, Jr. accepts giant record book from Charles Skouras, Movie Magnate who directed the Motion Picture Industry's 4th War Loan Drive to success. Book gives graphic record of the entire drive." (3) Easy On The Eyes (Exclusive) "College Inn, Chicago: Stunning girls delightfully pose in latest type bathing suits, divided into two pieces. A flash-back reveals early 20th century bathing beauties, buttoned up from chin to shoe tops. Hidden or exposed, there is an abundance of allure, in both cases."
  28. Campaign in Burma, 1944/04/24 (1944) (1) Campaign in Burma "In Burma we see Admiral Lord Mountbatten, the late Major General Wingate and the ace air-director, Colonel 'Flip Corkan' watching Colonial troops depart for heavy action. We move out into the muddy combat areas and watch air transport drop bales of rice and munitions. Allied tanks and infantry are slogging through. Further afield we encounter General Stilwell's Chinese armies (armed with Yank equipment), then we watch them advance through the jungle country. The refugees pour in, and they hungrily seize the rice issued them. All of which gives one a better insight into these vital Burma campaigns which are aimed at driving a wedge into the present Japanese Empire. 'Vinegar Joe's Birthday North Burma: General Stilwell, 61, receives a birthday cake with the inscription 'Happy Uncle Joe.' He slices it and hands a chunk to a Colonel, his son. Then the entire staff pitches in." (2) Plane Parts Salvaged "Alameda Naval Air Station, CA: Damaged combat planes provide tons of valuable parts, in huge salvage program. And Butch O'Hara's famous bullet riddled plane provides inspiration as well as salvage parts." (3) The Italian War Front " At Anzio, the British press their speedy rocket guns into action providing eerie, flashless night pictures. Shamrock Decorations Cassino Front: General Alexander engages in the ceremony of the shamrocks, on March 17th, with an Irish Regiment." (4) Victories At Sea "Shipan Island, Marianas: A Yank task force meets Jap air opposition. Long rows of anti-aircraft guns blaze away, 5-inch guns on the carriers roar. The sky is filled with tracers and flak bursts, and we see Jap planes diving head on, deep into the Pacific Ocean. Explosions mark their watery graves. Nazi Sub Battle A Nazi sub surfaces in the Atlantic, and begins a battle royal with a U.S. Navy seaplane tender. The sub loses."
  29. A Great Day For The Kellys,1944/04/27 (1944) (1) A Great Day For The Kellys "Commando Kelly Returns Home Sergeant Charles Kelly, 23, recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor for exterminating 10 Nazis in one day, finally returns to Pittsburgh, Pa. His whole excited family is there, Mom and his six brothers, and apparently everyone in the Smoky City. Pittsburgh gives its hero the keys to the city, then a parade takes place, to end all parades. Our microphones caught the globe-trotting Sergeant at Washington, D.C., in his simple recital of a fighting soldier's creed 'they all are fighting to come home.'" (2) War Ballot Applications "G.I. Vote Applications Washington, DC: 37,000,000 postal card applications for November voting ballots roll off the U.S. Government printing presses." (3) Tirpitz Bombed "Norway: A mighty Carrier Force unleashes scores of planes which straddle the hiding Nazi battle wagon with 8 tons of bombs. 24 direct hits are made."
  30. The Arsenal For D-Day, 1944/05/08 (1944) (1) The Arsenal For D-Day "Equipment for Invasion In a U.S.A. port we see the materials of war being feverishly loaded into vessels. Planes are lifted to the decks of bulging ships, ships that are loaded to the water line with freight for the invasion. Slowly, then, the ships converge, to set sail in convoy. In Bratain we come upon acres and acres of piled up materiel and equipment, for the invasion armies on the Second Front. Tires, soap, tobacco, candy and refuse cans form part of the military chattels. Rolling stock (for continental railways!), tanks, ducks, pontoons, trucks, ambulances, guns and bombs are seen. The unending rows of planes show that the battle of production has been won in America. Now the military takes over." (2) Lend-Lease Flat Top Gets Planes "Canada West Coast: Aboard one of the 38 Yankee-built aircraft carriers of the 10,000 ton class (which the U.S. has furnished the British Navy under Lend-Lease), we watch a cargo of Yankee-built planes swoop aboard their new nest. They fold their wings and take the elevator to the storage deck below."
  31. War News--All Good, 1944/05/22 (1944) (1) War News--All Good "Modern Yank Artillery In Italy, enemy positions are plotted out in checkerboard style, then pattern barrages are laid down, in which each gun destroys its particular target square. Eisenhower with the 9th In England, General Eisenhower accompanied by Lt. Gen. Spaatz and Lt. Gen. Brereton, inspects the U.S. 9th Air Force. From the cockpit of a fighter plan he fires the wing guns exubertantly, then he watches Marauder formations take off for invasion objectives. Air War in Europe Sight Aiming Point cameras reveal Yank daylight destruction of Nazi fighters and transport planes, and merciless strafing of Nazi planes at enemy air bases. Ground flares sputter a lighted path for the returning Yank planes at dusk. Then, huge British Lancasters lumber out to enter upon their nightly tasks of destruction. At Sables Sur Sarthe, France, the Lancasters set off an ammunition dump. The resulting explosions turn night into day for the unhappy Germans far below."(2) Capitol Hails Yank Air Aces "Washington, DC: Captains Don Gentile and John Godfrey, are destroyers of Nazi planes, are honored by their mothers, and official Washington."
  32. Cameramen Ready For Invasion, 1944/05/25 (1944) "Heroes with the Camera In England, Universal Newsreel pays its respects to the heroes who risk their lives to film the war. We see groups of the Navy camera men, Army combat photographers, aerial combat camera men, and several of the ace newsreel men. Each has his steel helmet adjusted and his camera loaded. Their feats of the past will be surpassed by their efforts in the future." (2) Invaders From The Sky "Lauringburg-Maxton Army Air Base, NC: With D-day approaching hourly, an unusual interest attaches to America's air borne troops as they apply the 'finishing touches' to their training. We watch camouflaged men file into gliders, ground crews stow jeeps and other mobile equipment into other gliders. Nylon ropes for towing, are adjusted. Then giant C-47 transport ships take up two gliders at a time. Over destination, parachutes plummet out of the gliders, then more chutists pour from the transport ships. Other gliders swoop to earth like angry impatient birds. Fully equipped carrier troops leap out to instantly spring to their assigned tasks. American soldiers from the sky are more than ready for invasion."
  33. Advance on Rome, 1944/05/29 (1944) (1) Advance on Rome "With tremendous armies poised on all of Germany's borders, the signal is given the Allied armies to the south, to being their destruction of the Nazis in Italy. Protective smoke clouds veil intensive bombardments of Nazi positions by enormous concentrations of field guns, howitzers, mortars and machine guns. Heavy Allied equipment rumbles forward, helping to carve a path for the advances. The air cover is crushing in its effectiveness, some of the best precision bombing ever seen, is screened. The British break through the Gustav Line and capture destroyed Cassino, with the broken walls of the gutted Benedictine Abbey overshadowing the desolate scene below. Air pictures cause one to think he is flying over the ruined cities of ancient civilizations. French troops break through and capture Castelforte (little Cassino). The Americans push up the Tyrrhenian and engulf the Nazis in operations which resulted in a junction being effected with the troops from th Nazis beachhead. Thousands of Nazis are captured, and bedraggled natives return to their towns, to get in line at the soup kitchens. The allies seem infused with new fire and drive, the captured Nazis look dazed and war weary." (2) Devastation Of Berlin "From Nazi films we see the devastation that has been wrought in Berlin by the continuous Allied bombings. Herr Goebbels looks on in alarm." scenes of city ruins from captured German films.
  34. Allies Close On Rome, 1944/06/01 (1944) "After the ruins, which had been Cassino, are entered, we see the Allied Generals Alexander, Mark Clark, Truscott, Juin et al in conference. As we roll forward with their troops, significant signs mark out enemy mines, booby traps...and the road to Rome."
  35. Eve of Battle, 1944/06/06 (1944) Eve of Battle "Universal Newsreel, in full co-operation with the War Department, presents official pictures of the final military preparations for the launching of D-Day. A host of nations engage in the huge task. The invasion, in truth, is a United Nation's effort."
  36. First Pictures Of Rome's Capture, 1944/06/15 (1944) "The Fortunes of War at Rome Beneath the century old Colliseum in Rome, the Nazis are shown triumphantly parading American and British prisoners, captured in the ferocious action at Anzio. Field Marshal Kesselring takes a good look southward through his field glasses, where the Allied drive is. A forced evacuation of Rome is ordered. Beneath the same century old Colliseum in Rome we see Allied heavy equipment rolling in, with General Mark Clark, the center of attention for all the cheering Romans. The allied advance rolls through Rome, and we see the effects of Allied naval shelling. Nazi heavy equipment is utterly destroyed, becoming dead symbols of a dead cause."
  37. Aviation In The News, 1944/06/22 (1944) B-24 Liberator rolls off San Diego Consolidated "San Diego, CA: Off the assembly line comes the 5,000th B-24 to go to war. The famed bomber, nicknamed the Liberator, is ready to be off to the wars and further victories for the plane." (2) First Movies Of Gen. Tito Of Yugoslavia "Somewhere in Yugoslavia: For the first time, Marshall Tito is photographed by the motion picture camera. His Partisans have been a thorn in the Nazis' side since the day the Germans over ran the country."
  38. Saipan Is Ours,1944/06/30 (1944) (1) "The War on Two Fronts - Saipan Island: An American task force moves in on this strategic Jap island base within near bomber range of Tokyo's front yard. After four days of naval and air bombardment the Marines take over, suffering losses three times those at Tarawa, but Jap dead are more than ours and they lose 700 planes." (2) Deweys Meet The Press - Chicago, Ill.: Governor Dewey, Republican candidate for President, holds his first conference stressing his approval of the platform and denying he will resign his office as governor. Mrs. Dewey also meets the newspapermen saying she will make no speeches and leave campaigning to her husband." (3) Women At War - "Anzio, Italy: Answering General Mark Clark's call for more WACS in Italy, a fresh contingent arrives at this Italian port and settle into their new life quickly. Canadian CWACS and nurses are on the job, also, aiding doctors and surgeons in front line hospitals while under constant fire." (4) Victory on Cherbourg Peninsula - "Allied troops complete the conquest of the Cherbourg peninsula as reinforcements are flown in by air. 26,000 German prisoners were taken by the allies who either captured or destroyed the greater part of their equipment."
  39. Cherbourg, Gateway to Victory, 1944/07/02 (1944) (1) "The Capture of Cherbourg - while the British and Canadians are protecting their flank at Caen, General Bradley's First American Army lays siege to Cherbourg, key port on the embattled French coast. Following thunderous bombardment by artillery and from the air, Doughboys filter into Cherbourg. Snipers are laid low, and thousands of Nazi prisoners are herded into prison fields, where they are fed G.I. iron rations. General von Schlieben and Admiral Hennerke present an abject picture as they become prisoners of war of Major General Tora Collins. Russians become Yankee prisoners over the tearful remonstrances of their tag-a-long Russian wives. Yanks on reconnaissance, discover cleverly camouflaged tracks from which 'buzz-bombs' had been rocketed towards England. General Collins advances to city hall, where the local mayor is again restored to civil authority over this latest won prize of American arms. And various daughters of La Belle France open their arms in warm embrace, as they welcome the Doughboys to their liberated city." (2) Europe Shuttle Bombed - "Giant Flying Fortresses, based in England, roar over targets deep inside Germany. After dropping their deadly cargoes, they continue to Russia, where they are roundly greeted by their allies." (3) S.S. Benjamin Warner Is Launched - "Richmond, CA: The 519th Liberty ship to be built on the West Coast honors the entire motion picture industry as it is christened 'Benjamin Warner.' Various members of the famous movie family participate in the Henry Kaiser launching." (4) Dewey Family Portrait - "Chicago, Ill.: Republican nominee, Thomas Dewey, sits for a living portrait, surrounded by the adult members of his immediate family."
  40. Roosevelt To Run For 4th Term, 1944/07/14 (1944) (1) "Wash., DC: President Roosevelt summons the newshawks of the capital to announce that he will permit his name to be placed in nomination if the sovereign will of the American people demand that he run." (2) Success In Normandy - "As the Allied drive gains momentum in Normandy some very revealing sidelights on the ferocious activity there, are seen. We watch huge flailing machines, mine beaters, as they thresh lengths of chain into roadways suspected of containing Nazi anti-personnel mines. Huge streams of Nazi prisoners are marched to the rear, led by their pompous and stiff Generals. In the air, Allied aircraft display their prowess as they pin-point bomb Nazi road junctions, shoot up locomotives, and explode Nazi aircraft on the ground. The infantry is shown advancing step by step through piles of broken enemy arms and liberation of France proceeds." (3) Italy - "Stimson in Italy - U.S. Sec. of War spends the Fourth of July in Italy, inspecting Allied won positions. An unique and colorful ceremony is held in Rome." (4) Success in Saipan - "Furious artillery action, destruction of flimsy Jap headquarters, the terrific explosionof one command post - these things mark our conquest of this Jap Island. Yank planes land on the conquered air fields, fore runners of the swarms of planes that will more than repay America's debt to the 15,000 casualties that were sustained in this bloody victory." (5) Robot Bombs Fail To Panic British - "To gain first hand information on the grave '44 war-time problem of 'buzz bombs,' Winston Churchill visits an anti-aircraft field where he watches marksmen and air aces put up their blanket fire of defense." scenes include V-1 bombs, Mary Churchill.
  41. RAF Sinks Tirpitz, 1944/11/22 (1944) (1) "RAF Lancasters converge on the 45,000 ton Nazi Battlewagon, hidden in Tennsue Fjord in Norway. She is throwing tons of bursting steel skyward, but super blockbusters plummet down and she is hit. Winds blow away her smoke screen and again she is hit mortally. This time the smoke clouds mark her slipping beneath the waves, forever." (2) All Out Drive On Germany - "In the snows of Northeastern Europe, huge, lumbering 105 and 105mm. howitzers lay down their curtains of fire on the Nazis. At Konzen, the Nazis seem immovable until Yank artillery destroy their observation post, a towering church steeple. Idle ack ack crews are pressed into service in the Battle of Hurtgen Forest. They level their gun barrels to horizontal, and pour continuous streams of lead into Nazi positions, enabling Yank Infantry to resume its advanture." scenes of Allies advance in snow and mud in Huertgen Forest, antiaircraft guns turned into artillery; (3) Nation Gets Behind 6th Bond Drive - "Los Angeles dramatically opens its 6th War Loan Drive with a 'covered wagon, prairie action' parade which stirs the youngsters, and heads the adults for the bond selling booths. Morgenthau Speaks - Washington, DC: Sec. Henry Morgenthau, Jr. states that the doughboys who are continuing to fight, expect the homefront to continue buying War Bonds." (4) Denmark Fights Back - " The resistance of the Danes to the pre-emptive Nazis is a 'war within a war.' Their sabotage is met with murder - their general strike with Gestapo destruction of irreplaceable plate glass. But the doughty Danes continue their resistance." scenes of Denmark defiance grew under nazi occupation, Danish priest and martyr buried, King Christian is prisoner in his castle but flags flew for his 73rd birthday, Nazis smashed glass in shops and stores, staged general strike; Denmark still occupied but awaits the day of complete freedom. (5) Giants 24 Packers 0 - (Exclusive) - "Polo Grounds: 56,000 fans are thrilled as the N.Y. Football Giants upset the Green Bay Packers, pre-game favorites. Deadly tackling and the flashy work of the Giant backs feature the contest."
  42. Allied Vise Tightens On Rhineland, 1944/12/07 (1944) (1) "Strasbourg, capital of Alsace-Lorraine, is captured by the Americans and the French. Flooded canals testify to the unruly weather being encountered. Tons of heavy equipment have been left by the Nazis in their headlong retreat. And swastikas by the thousand, are trod under foot by sullen Nazi prisoners. Various villages, including Baseweiler, are bombarded, then entered. Many Yanks are wounded. Following the scorched earth policy, the Nazis have applied the torch to many of the towns, forcing the natives to band into volunteer fire departments to save their homes." scenes of Infantry troops fight in buildings toward the Rhine, to Strasbourg, captured guns, fires in Miluese, French take prisoners; (2) Carrier Force Hits At Manila - "A huge carrier division steams towards Manila. After the pilots are briefed, they climb into the air, and the Nips begin their attacks on our queenly flat-top giants. Hits and near hits are registered, but heavy ack ack fire drives the Japs away...and our bombers paste Manila severely." scenes of Hellcat burns on carrier deck, US planes bomb (3) Somervell Calls on NAM for Materials - "Waldorf-Astoria, N.Y.C., The National Association of Manufacturers, in their War and Reconversion Congress, are warned that our armed forces need materiel." Gen. Somervell calls for more material; (4) Nation Needs Nurses Aids - "Girls over 18 are urgently needed as Red Cross Nurses' Aides in hospitals throughout the nation, not only to care for wounded G.I.'s, but to attend hospitalized civilians." (5) Basketball Season in Full Swing - "N.Y.U. 53, Rochester 39 - Madison Square Garden, 11th annual big time collegiate basketball season gets under way as these two stellar Eastern teams stage a thriller."
  43. Army Needs Must Be Met NAM Is Told ,1944/12/11 (1944) (1) "Waldorf Astoria, NYC: The War and Reconversion Congress of America hear Mr. F. C. Crawford, their board chairman, deliver a dynamic address. Mr. Crawford, just returned from a trip to Gen. Eisenhower's theatre of command, reveals that the war with Germany will last 1-3-6 months, or a year, depending on the sacrifice of 100,000 doughboy's lives - or the firing of thousands of tons of high calibre shells and the use of mountains of other materiel." Frederick C. Crawford speaks to NAM in New York; (2) Allied Drive Bogs Down In Italy - "Weather conditions facing the 5th Army in Italy are atrocious. Rivers flow through the streets and 6-wheeled trucks skid and slosh through muck and mire." scenes of bad weather and mud bogs down Allies in Italy; (3) A Nazi View Of The War - "captured Nazi films show wrecked American equipment, and prison pounds containing American prisoners." (4) Churchill holds talks with Stalin - "Winston Churchill and Anthony Eden terminate their conversations in Moscow with Joseph Stalin and Vyachesloff Molotoff." scenes of Churchill leaves by airplane; (5) Giants Rout Redskins - "Washington, DC: N.Y. Giants win Esstern Pro-football title, 31 to 0, as they catch most of their passes, and a few of Washington's as well."
  44. Winter Push To Knock Out German Reich,1944/12/14 (1944) (1) "Pushing Back the Nazis - Allied ships enter the port of Antwerp carrying valuable war materiel...Gen. Eisenhower visits Gen. Montgomery and inspects the British 2nd Army...The Allies are confronted with the Mans River which is swollen seven times its normal size...elsewhere snow and mud provide obstacles...American rifles, machine guns and artillery are constantly in action...Allied wounded are many...and 5,000 Nazis are taken prisoner." scenes of Antwerp cleared and now open; Ike and Montgomery confer; Ike tours troops; but Mans River flooded, snow and mud stall Allied advance; map of drive on Cologne; stubborn resistance on 450-mile front; 5000 Nazis surrender; (2) Strife Torn Greece Gets Food Relief - "Athens: British General Scolde and Premier Pamandren supervise the distribution of food to the Greek people." scenes of first food aid arrives in Greece.
  45. Allies Fight Fierce Nazi Counter-Blow,1944/12/20 (1944) (1) "Events within Germany leading to the present 'power drive' in the West, shown in captured German newsreels. Theaters are shut down, women are drafted for war work, trolleys tow trucks to save gasoline, robot bombs are launched, and at the front, the Nazi military carries on despite the appearance of American air fleets. Allied cameras show Yank heavy artillery in action, Nazi prisoners are collared, near St. Nazaire, France, an exchange of Allied and Nazi prisoners is effected through the American Red Cross." scenes from captured German newsreels show German preparations for offensive; Nazi tanks roll toward western front, V-1 weapons launched; 15 German divisions of 200,000 sent to attack; Yank artillery opens up on advancing Germans; (2) Rocket Firing Planes - "U.S. Army Air Base, Dover, Dela., A P-47 and a P-38 equipped with wing rockets, dive at 300 m.p.h. and discharge wing rockets at 600 m.p.h. into a Sherman tank, causing heavy destruction." scenes of tests at Dover airfield with rockets fired from P-38 and P-47 fighter planes; (3) Keep 'Em Sailing - "The U.S. Maritime Service needs officers and men from 17 to 50, according to Capt. Harry H. Dreany. Training scenes, loading and convoy scenes give an idea of the scope of the Maritime Service." (4) "Children's greeting - Children from foreign diplomats' families in Washington, D.C. voice their annual season's greetings to the people of the United States."
  46. Yanks Clear Greenland of Nazis,1944/12/27 (1944)(1) "Nazi weather and radio stations in Greenland are located and destroyed by the U. S. Coast Guard who dynamites its way through the Arctic ice fields to reach the enemy. Sleek German trawlers are destroyed or captured, and the Nazis are driven from their North Atlantic observation posts." (2) Yank Shells Hit Kehl In Rhineland - "Yanks in Strasbourg shell Kehl, the Nazi city on the opposite banks of the Rhine, with telling effect." (3) Nazi Terror In Warsaw - "World War II opens in Poland as the Panzer divisions strike Warsaw and burn large portions of it. Peace is signed in a railway coach and starving Poles eat every shred of meat from the carcases of horses. The Poles go underground. They publish 110 newspapers, commit continuous sabotage, daub the city with signs of defiance and hang Hitler in effigy. In 1944 they arise prematurely and are smitten down. Their ghetto is completely destroyed." pictures filmed by the Polish underground and smuggled to London, of 2-month revolt but forced to capitulate to Nazis; printing presses turn out lists of atrocities by Nazis, carry our efficient sabotage; "Poland will never die." (4) New French Envoy To U.S. - "Washington, DC: Ambassador Henri Bonnet takes over the French embassy on behalf of the de Gaulle provisional government." (5) Britain's Home Guard Stands Down - "Hyde Park, England: The Home Guard, 7,000 strong, pass by the Royal Family in their final review before 'standing down.'" scenes of marching in formation in Hyde Park, patrolled roads and took over defense during England's darkest hour; (6) Mat Mammas Maul For Millions - "Houston, TX: Mildred Burke, World's Champion Woman Wrestler, defends her title against Mae Weston convincingly. The rule are thrown out of the ring, and so is Mae, three times." scenes of championship women's wrestling match, to raise money for war bonds; (7) Canadian local story [no sound] - Canada local official speaks; 2 Canadian soldiers win medals and return home
  47. Jap Planes Blasted By Navy Guns (1944) [this newsreel is silent] (1) "Yank Marksmen Bag Jap Planes (A flaming spectacle which elicits gasps from seasoned film goers) - As an American task force steams along to prosecute a raid on the marshall Islands, Jap torpedo planes soar into view to destroy a Yank aircraft carrier. From her expansive flight deck we see some of the most spectacular action scenes of this war. Sailors fall prone to permit sprays of bullets to belch upwards at the attacking Japs. One of the celestial planes streaks in alongside out ship and he is hit with a torrent of lead. He sinks into the ocean and his foul ship explodes. Another Jap nips into view, on his close run for the kill. He gets his baptism of lead, and suddenly, one of his wings is shot right off, and he falls in flames, headed straight into Davey Jones's locker." (2) Ships of Concrete - "Georgia: 'Concrete No. 8,' an 11,000 ton tanker built of concrete, hits the ways, with the reputation of being 'unsinkable' and capable of lasting forever." (3) Italian Front.
  48. Total War Mobilization Asked By FDR,1945/01/08 (1945) (1) "In an address to the nation, President Roosevelt advocates National Conscription for material reasons, and for reasons of morale; he defends the principles of the Atlantic Charter; and he summons the United Nations to protect not only their own sancitity, that that of the small nations as well." (2) France Sells Laval Assets - "The estate and belongings of France's arch traitor, Pierre laval, are sold at open auction to the highest bidder." scenes of Pierre Laval, convicted by France as traitor, his assets gone to auction (some sound); (3) Nazi War Plant in Paris Tube - "To escape Allied bombing, the Nazis in Paris had placed some of their war industries deep underground, in the Parisian subway. Now the French are busy restoring their subway to rapid transit dury." scenes of Nazi underground aircraft factory that was in Paris Tube.
  49. Santo Tomas Prisoners Liberated, 1945/03/01 (1945) (1) "Since their conquest of the Philippines in 1941, the Japs have been holding 3,700 prisoners on the campus of Santo Tomas University. As the American forces reach Manila in the current campaign, General MacArthur, with an Honor Guard of the 1st Cavalry Brigade enters the stockades to the cheers of the famished internees. Mail call finds them overjoyed again, only this time they weep openly." "Jap Artillery finds the range of the University and the assembly breaks up quickly, but not until several victims are wounded." scenes of MacArthur visits the Allied prisoners freed in the Philippines, Japanese still fire on Manila, Red Cross provides news and letters from home; (2) Geneva, Red Cross On The Job - "Geneva, Switzerland: The central office of the Red Cross maintains huge warehouses, loaded with food and other essentials for war prisoners and internees." (3) Ice Jams Rivers - near Cleveland, along Susquehanna in Pa., (4) 'Flea' Fleet Can Take It - "The Coast Guard '83's' - The 83-ft. craft of the U.S. Coast Guard, long famous as sub-busters and severs of downed-at-sea airmen, are adding laurels to their records with patrol activities in the icy Atlantic." (5) FDR Calls For World Accord - "F.D.R. Reports on Yalta - The House Chambers, Washington, DC: Returned from the historic conference of The Big Three, President Roosevelt gives his report to a special joint session of Congress, and the nation, in which he states that both Germany and Japan will be brought to unconditional surrender. Also, he advocates that a world organization be set up to maintain world-wide peace." scenes of FDR, sitting in chair, speaks to Congress on return from Yalta.
  50. Air Smashes Devastate Germany, 1945/03/12 (1945) "As Allied air fleets converge on Germn cities we get visual evidence of their vital contributions to victory. A fleet of Flying Fortresses reaches Ansbach and utterly ruins the large rail yards there, with tons of accurately placed bombs. Stendall gets the same treatment with remarkable bombing pictures resulting. Wittenberg is quickly set on fire. Other vapor trailing Forts visit Indwigslust and destroy the rail yards with block busters. U. S. fighter planes swoop down on German airfields, where they leave every Nazi plane in flames ... even planes partially hidden in open hangers are set afire by the strafing airmen."
  51. Allies Open Final Drive In Germany, 1945/03/15 (1945) (1) "The Roer Offensive - The U..S. 1st Army and the U.S. 9th Army open their concerted attacks on the Roer River fortresses which guard the approach to the all important Cologne Plain. Intensive bombardments precede their fighting advances into Julich. Linnich, Neuss, Baal and Erklenz. Pontoon bridge approach to the various cities reveal them to be in ruins. Gen. Simpson, Commandant of the U.S. 9th Army, accompanies Gen. Eisenhower on a tour of inspection of ruined Julich and its famous citadel. Celebrant G.I.'s parade through the streets, Nazi prisoners and refugees march to the rear, and the foundation is laid for the advance on the Rhine." scenes of Allies crossed the Rohr river, then the Rhine river at Remagen, have taken more than one million prisoners, destroyed cities, Ike and Gen. Simpson of 9th Army, civilians rounded up, forced laborers freed, inmates prepare own meals in concentration camp liberated; (2) A City Dies - "In 20 minutes of saturation night bombing, the R.A.F. wipes out Pforzheim, medium-sized Nazi industrial city. Huge oxygen consuming bombs are the answer." scenes of RAF Lancasters bomb industrial center of city in Germany, "a city is being literally wiped out before your eyes." (3) Freed From A Living Death - "Bataan Prisoners in U.S. - San Francisco wildly welcomes the 274 U.S. Army heroes from Bataan. All of the heroes, freshly uniformed and in normal health, form a striking contrast to their lot when they were discovered in their Jap prison. The Horror of Bilibid - U.S. Naval men held prisoner in Bilibid, in the Philippines, are reduced to living skeletons. Some of their buddies starved to death on the daily ration of several ounces of grain. Yanks entering Duren free hundreds of Poles and Russians from a concentration camp. The smiles of the comely women prisoners are returned with compound interest by the doughboys." (4) Flirting With Danger - rodeo in California; (5) Vets Learn Peace Trades - "The Toronto Rehabilitation Training Center is devoted to fitting Canada's ex-servicement for profitable trades. It's all very interesting, especially barbering. Joe Blow, the customer, explodes right in the student's face, if he slices too deep." scenes of Canadian rehabilitation training centers.
  52. Carriers Hit Tokyo! 1945/03/19 (1945) (1) "Plowing through tempestuous seas the U. S. Fifth Fleet takes positions several hundred miles off Tokyo ... the huge carriers of Task Force 58 emerge from the armada ... and fleets of war planes swoop away, their destination Tokyo. En route, Jap ships are plastered and sunk by air cannon. Tokyo's docks are pounded. Mammouth Imperial air fields are strafed repeatedly. Intercepting Zeros are destroyed. Gun cameras record power dives on sprawling Jap factories. Rockets speed down into an aluminum factory, and huge fires mount from Tokyo. "Combat loss - Jap 817 planes, 51 vessels - U.S. 9 planes and 4 pilots." (2) Old Glory Flies Over Iwo Jima - "With the costly beach head finally secure on Iwo Jima, the U.S. Marines turn their attention to Mt. Suribachi, the volcano which is covered with Jap guns. Off shore, U.S. Naval ships pour tons of shells into the mountain. The Marines slowly advance uphill as U.S. dive bombers place sticks of bombs immediately ahead of the Leathernecks. Jap fortifications with narrow entrances and huge, thick walls are reduced with hand grenades. Battered Jap gun emplacements, and scores of slain Japs are passed. When at last the summit is reached, the Marines enact one of the stirring scenes in American history, the Stars and Stripes are planted on Suribachi, 750 miles from Tokyo!"
  53. Allies Drive Across Rhine To Victory, 1945/03/26 (1945) (1) "The Capture of Cologne - Tank units of the onrushing U.S. 1st Army rumble into Cologne's suburbs, with all guns blazing at heavy pockets of Nazi resistance. Stalled street cars are hauled out of the way, and Yank foot soldiers fight their way into Cologne, block by block. Cologne lays in absolute ruin, after having been a 'saturation attack' target for allied bombers for three years. In sharp contrast, the Cathedral stands almost undamaged. Near the Cathedral, a Nazi tank is caught in U.S. gun sights, to be set afire with a direct hit. Nazi prisoners are rounded up, Cologne natives return, while in back of the whole scene, the giant Hohenzollern Rhine bridge lies, mangled and twisted. Cologne is truly a 'dead city.' The Ludendorff Bridge - After this majestic 1,300 ft. bridge at Remagen, Germany was seized by the U.S. 9th Armored Division. Yank troops and supplies raced across it to the Rhine east bank in ever increasing numbers. Nazi precision bombers are driven off by anti-aircraft fire, the Remagen bridge-head widens, and hordes of Nazi prisoners are bagged." scenes of the Cathedral city of Cologne, mostly in rubble, lies before Allied army, streetcars used as barriers, "fleeing Nazi car doesn't get far," direct hit on German tank and crew flees, great domed cathedral spared on bombing, bridge destroyed, inhabitants returning, south at Remagen the bridge was captured; (2) "Prior to the opening of the momentous United Nations Conference in San Francisco on April 25th, the U.S. delegation covenes in Washington with Pres. Roosevelt. The U.S. members are Congressmen Eaton and Bloom, Senators Vandenburg and Connally, Dean Gildersleeve, Naval Commander Stassen and Sec. of State Stettinius. Pre-convention views of San Francisco reveal that the attractive West Coast metropolis is ready and waiting for the arrivval of the dignitaries of the world. In a film interview, Sen. Stettinius states the aims and purposes of the parley." scenes of U.S. delegates to United Nations meets with FDR in Washington, preparing for general meeting in San Francisco, Stettinius speaks (2) Kaiser Seeks Clothing For War Victims - "New York City: Shipbuilder Henry Kaiser, chairman of the national drive to collect clothing for war sufferers in foreign lands announces that the compaign will extend from April 1st to April 30th." scenes of Henry Kaiser speaks on the need for clothing.
  54. Death Knell For Germany, 1945/04/02 (1945) (1) "When the Yanks enter Godesberg they survey the Hotel DreSounden, site of the famous Chamberlain-Hitler conference of '38 which was meant to avert war. To prevent the Huns from engaging in any more fighting, the Yanks disarm the citizens of all their weapons, including lances. U.S. Rocket Tanks - In the Rhine offensive, giant U.S. tanks mounting 60 rocket tubes lay down terrific rocket barrages either in salvo, or in rapid fire. Zweibrucken Captured - Gen. 'Iron Mike' O'Daniel's U.S. 3rd Infantry virtually razes this Nazi industrial and mining center before they enter it and round up all the civilians and bitter young Nazi troupers. Capture of Saarbrucken - The U.S. 7th Army rolls through the ruins and wreckage of this once proud city - site of the 1935 plebiscite. Now A.M.G. takes over." scenes of civilians of captured Godesberg rounded up and questioned, same hotel where Hitler and Chamberlain met 1938, gaze at Rhine river, new rocket-firing tank unveiled.
  55. Air Army Invades Germany, 1945/04/05 (1945) (1) "When the entire Rhine front explodes into action the First Allied Airborne Army takes flight for the Westphalian plains. From an observation post Gen. Eisenhower and Prime Minister Churchill watch the sky trains roar by overhead. The drop area reached, thousands of chutes float to the ground from twin side-door C-46 carriers, while giant C-47 tow planes release their gliders. Despite damaging resistance the gliders land with their jeeps and other materiel. Shortly, Nazi troops are marched in as captives, and this airborne invasion becomes one of the most successful in the history of warfare. Flail Tanks - The Canadian First Army uses huge tanks with heavy rotating chain beaters in front of them which explode any and all buried Nazi road mines." scenes of 1500 planes and gliders join in major invasion across Rhine in north, Churchill and Ike observe, parachutes from C-46 filling the sky with billowing parachutes, gliders land, plane crashes, artillery, 4000 prisoners taken. (2) Coblenz Key to Saar Captured - "With tanks leading the way, units of Gen. Patton's U.S. 3rd Army advance on Coblenz, the thousand-year-old transportation center. Repeated air bombings and heavy artillery fire have reduced the city to ruins, from which the Nazis offer scattered resistance. Tom Priestley, Universal cameraman, covers the entire action. Soldier dead litter the ground. A loud speaker is used to demand and direct surrender and several thousand Nazi prisoners are collared. White flags flutter from the few remaining ancient homes. Ancient Ehrenbrightstein Castle, used by the Germans as a fortress, is a battered pile of ruins. American tanks rumble through the narrow streets, and head eastward, deeper into Germany." scenes of Universal's Tom Priestley operating camera to make films, soldiers fighting street by street in the town, Germans surrender to Patton's 3rd Army (3) New French Sky Giant - "Secretly built during Nazi occupation, a gigantic 6 motor French flying boat is now unveiled. It takes off and flies as gracefully as anything in the air." (4) Airborne Division Decorated - "In a stirring speech, Gen. Eisenhower awards the Presidential Citation to the famous 101st Airborne Division for its heroic defense of Bastogne. Steel-helmeted Marlene Dietrich joins the entire reviewing party in saluting the 101st." scenes of Eisenhower honors Screaming Eagles, Ike speaks on 1st time decoration given to an entire division, Marlene Dietrich salutes.
  56. Molotov Here For Security Conference 1945/04/23 (1945) (1) "At the invitation of Pres. Truman, the Soviet Foreign Commisar arrives in Washington to confer with the President, Sec. Stettinius, and Anthony Eden before the West Coast United Nations meetings convene." scenes of Molotov arrives at Blair House in DC, on way to San Francisco conference (2) Aviation in the News - "Jumbo Aeroplane Tire - Wright Field, Ohio, An aeroplane tire measuring 110 inches and weighing three quarters of a ton, is regidly tested on a machine which is equally unique. Final Seattle B-17 - When Boeing's Seattle, Wash. plant turns out its last Super Fortress the 30,000 employees make a gay occasion of the event." scenes of last B-17 rolled out at Boeing plant in Seattle that will make B-29s (3) In the Wake of War in Germany - "The Allies continue to pile up crushing defeats on the Nazis as they rush eastward from the Rhine. At Coblenz, the huge bridge lies broken in the Rhine, and doughboys maintain the 'Watch on the Rhine' while General Bradley and General Patton attend flag raising ceremonies at Ehrenbreitstein Castle, Heidelberg University is entered. Only shells of the ancient buildings are standing, while a modernistic building built by U.S. funds, reveals the generosity of American financiers. Duisburg, Limbourg, Osnabruck, and Munster are entered. The streets are filled with hills of broken buildings and wreckage. Mayors try to rally their citizens. The pathetic Volksturm, the home guard, surrenders, to join the thousands of combat troups previously captured. Frantic, hungry civilians break into ruined stores and stalled trains to steal food and clothing. German Atrocities - Allied armies free thousands of slave laborers, both men and women, from the infamous concentration camps. The victims hands had been mutilated, and numbers tattooed on their arms. One tremendous graveyard contains 30,000 dead! The occupant of each grave had been sent there by Nazi torture and barbarism." scenes of dead bodies and horses, crowds loot stores and railroad cars, girls show tatooed numbers from slave labor camps, in France families await return of loved ones, Heidelberg liberated, flag raised, Gen. Omar Bradley and Gen. Patton.
  57. Nazi Murder Mills, 1945/04/26 (1945) (1) "First actual newsreel pictures of atrocities in Nazi murder camps. Helpless prisoners tortured to death by a bestial enemy...Here Is The Truth" (Real-life horror pictures revealing the unbelievable atrocities committed by the Nazis in their murder camps) Grasleben: Wounded and emaciated Yanks, captured in von Runstedt's bulge attack of last winter, are fed and given medical care by the Yank armies of liberation. Hadamar: Protected by gas masks, grave diggers open reeking graves at this converted insane asylum. They discover that 35,000 political prisoners had been slain here, largely by poisoning. Camp Ohrdruf : General Eisenhower, General Patton and General Bradley can hardly believe their eyes when they view torture-gallows, heaps of charred human bodies and lime pits filled with corpses. Although they recoil, Nazi officials are forced to enter barns containing rows of decomposing, lime-sprinkled bodies. Buchenwald: 21,000 prisoners living in utter filth, stumble around with their broken skulls. Agonized corpses lie everywhere with large tattoed numbers on their sunken stomachs. Two roast ovens were used as crematoria. "Nordhausen: Starved corpses strew the ground. Creeping, jabbering, breathing skeletons are laoded into ambulances for possible treatment. Plump German civilians are forced to handle corpses with their bare hands and carry them to huge mass graves for a semi-civilized burial." scenes of prisoners liberated from camps, given broth and medical attention; graves uncovered, interrogations to uncover truth; Ohrdruf camp viewed by Ike, Bradley, Patton; (2) Nations Meet To Map World Security Plan - "The San Francisco Conference of 46 United Nations, summoned to draft a charter for a post-war organization to secure peace, is officially opened by Secretary of State Edward Stettinius. In a speech from the White House, President Truman states 'if we do not want to fdie together in war, we must learn to live together in peace.'" scenes of delegates arrive; first session opens with gavel held by Stettinius, Truman speech.
  58. Argentine Admitted To World Parley, 1945/05/03 (1945) (1) "The question of Argentina's entry into the United Nation's Security Conference causes the most dramatic floor discussions which have occurred there thus far. Ezequiel Padilla, Mexico's able Secretary for Foreign Affairs, speaking in behalf of the Latin American Nations, pleas for Argentina's entry. Russia's Foreign Commissar Molotov, through an interpreter, speaks against the plan, adding that Russia will ask nothing else of the conference. Secretary of State Stettinius pleads with the conference to admit Argentina and get on with the other matters on the agenda. When Chairman Anthony Eden calls for a vote, Argentina is invited to the parley by a vote of 31 to 4." scenes of discussion of Argentina admission to United Nations at San Francisco conference, vote taken, delegate arrives; (2) Russian Drive On Berlin - "As Marshals Zhukov and Rosokofskey direct wide flanking attacks on Warsaw, Red tanks and cavalry wheel into line to carry out the orders. Heavy artillery opens its murderous fire. The infantry advances using machine guns and heavy grenades. Die hard Nazi snipers are wiped out. Ruined Warsaw is entered, Chopin's conservatory is ruined, in fact all buildings are mere shells. Warsaw had been Germanized, even the street cars had been reserved for Nazis. The same story is repeated at Poznan, but here there is human ruin, a horror camp. Disfigured people walk about. The courtyard is filled with corpses and wailing women relatives. A chamber is loaded with torture implements including a guillotine. A parade of Nazi prisoners is attacked by frenzied Poles who punch right and left indiscriminately, just so they land on Nazis. Warsaw and Poznan are freed, and the drive for Berlin is on." scenes of street fighting, Nazi atrocities and torture instruments, men hit column of prisoners, scenes in ruined city of Warsaw; (3) Navy Smashes Jap Air Raids Off Okinawa - "Jap planes, desperately trying to defend their homeland, rise from their air fields to attack the U.S. fleet off Okinawa. Some of the most vivid and spectacular action of the war takes place. U.S. guns completely fill the sky with their fire; low flying Jap planes are picked off by highly accurate fire into which they fly."
  59. Funeral Pyres of Nazidom, 1945/05/10 (1945) (1) "Air views of Leipzig reveal it to be a city of skeleton buildings and rubble. Industrial Magdeburg has been gutted by dive bombers of the U.S. Tactical Air Forces. The huge Krupp tank factory is destroyed as are hundreds of partially finished tanks on the assembly line. The rail center, Nuremberg, once the seat of Nazi culture, is now a dead city. The huge rallying stadium serves as a parade ground for Yank troops who blast a surmounting stone swastika to bits - then replace it with the Stars and Stripes." scenes of ruins of Krupp factory, tanks, cities, "none reflects greater destruction than Nuremberg" where U.S. flag hides swatstika in stadium, then blown up, military review; (2) Eisenhower Calls GI's Real Heroes - "General Eisenhower credits Allied generals with genius, but states that the real hero of the war is G.I. Joe and his buddies in the other armed services of the Allies." scenes of Ike speaking (3) Jap Suicide Pilot Dives On Hospital Ship - "Off Okinawa, the U.S.S. Comfort, a hospital ship, was attacked by a Jap suicide flyer, wounding 31 Yanks and killing 29. Burial services are held at a military cemetery on a Pacific island." (4) Iwo Flag To Be Symbol Of 7th Loan - "Washington, DC: Sec. of Treasury Morgenthau speaks, telling the urgency of buying war bonds. Three of the heroes who raised the Stars and Stripes at Mt. Suribachi, Iwo Jima, hoist the same tattered flag over the U.S. capitol." (5) Nation Hails V-E Day - "Seattle, Wash.: Spirited Boeing employees celebrates news of victory over Germany by wheeling out a giant B-29 bomber carrying 'On To Tokyo' sign. Washington Aglow - When full outdoor illumination is restored to Washington, D.C. the shining dome of the nation's capitol commands the most attention. B'Way is 'White Way' Again - When all the lights are turned on again in Times Square, the dazzle and brilliance convinces all Broadwayites that V.E. has been achieved." scenes of Boeing rolling out an extra B-29 in Seattle, Capitol dome in DC, New York Times Square lit up, the 'Great White Way' at night, Statue of Liberty once more lighted at night. (6) Mayor LaGuardia speaks, asks all to take part in "I Am An American Day."
  60. Beaten Nazis Sign Historic Surrender, 1945/05/14 (1945) (1) "Supreme headquarters Allied Expeditionary Forces, Reims: Nazi General Jodl, representing Admiral Doenitz, strides into the 'war room' where Allied Generals await him and his party. After the surrender terms are understood, Jodl fills a third of a page with his scrawly signature, this his associates sign. U.S. General W. B. Smith the Allied Chief of Staff signs as do the remainder of the Allied Generals. In an adjoining room, General Eisenhower, wreathed in smiles, forms the signature pens into a V for Victory sign. Unconditional surrender is an accomplished fact." scenes of peace signed at red scholhouse in Reims, France, by Gen Jodl and Gen. Smith (2) Last Nazi Prisoners Arrive Here - "NYC: 3,000 assorted Nazi prisoners arrive in America. They range from the haughty officers down to awe stricken youngsters, and are the last who will be sent to this country." (3) Death of a Tyrant - "Musso Mussed Up - Milan, An indignant mob aims well-placed kicks at the bodies of Mussolini and his mistress lying in a public square. Later, their corpses dangle head downward, high above the leering crowds." scenes of Mussolini's body in Milan, hangs from rafters of a gas station with mistress; (4) Seventh War Loan Drive Is Opened - "Times Square: Iowa Jima statue is unveiled by 3 of the heroes who took part in the original flag raising, on which the statue is patterned." (5) President Has a Real Mother's Day - "Washington, DC: Mrs. Truman, 92, arrives from Missouri by plane to spend Mother's Day in the White House with her famous son." scenes of President Truman with his mother; (6) Point System Frees First GI Joe - "Fort McPherson, GA: Sgt. Rondall Stroud of Clayton, Ga. with 132 service points (47 over the required 85 discharge points) empties his diffle bag for the quartermaster, gets a huge check from the paymaster and bids adieu to the U.S. Army, one of the first to be mustered out under the new plan." scenes of Sgt. Stroud who is first to get 85 points required for discharge, drew a $1400 check; (7) Heroism Rewarded - "Denver, Colorado: The Congressional Medal of Honor is presented to Corporal Robert Maxwell in person, and the parents of Private Elmer Fryar receive his posthumous Congressional Medal award." (8) They're Off! (Exclusive) - "30,000 fans crowd into Narragansett Park, Rhode Island, as horse racing resumes in the U.S.A."
  61. U-Boat Menace Ended, 1945/05/17 (1945) (1) "With the downfall of Germany, members of her underseas flet rise to the survace and on radio instructions from Berlin, procede to surrender to Allied naval authorities. The U-358 rides into Cape May, N.J., in the custody of a destroyer escort 'prize' crew. At Portsmouth, N.H., destroyer escorts convoy the U-805 into harbor. The Nazi crew is brought ashore still surly and impudent, only to be whisked off to Portsmouth Naval Prison. Back in ruined Bremen, British tommies discover pre-fabricated sections of submarines, parts of an assembly plan which was calculated to add hundreds of new subs to the German navy." scenes of ruins of Bremen sub shipyard, U-boat prisoners arrive in US., in Portsmouth, arogant captain unrepenitent.(2) Germans Surrender Among Ruins - "Berlin: Air Marshal Tedder, General Spaatz, Marshal Zhukoff and others receive the surrender of General Keitel, Admiral Friedberg and General Stumpf, which commits Nazi Germany to Allied control, ceases hostilities and ratifies the previous capitulations to General Eisenhower and General Montgomery. The Wreckage of Germany - R.A.F. saturation bombings of Hamburg have destroyed the huge ship yards and left all buildings absolutely gutted. Hamburg is ruined. And the question 'What of Berlin?' is now answered. All Nazi government buildings are totally ruined, as are the famous hotels and other buildings which lined her famous boulevards." scenes of Keitl surrenders to Zhukov in Berlin, Russians tour the gutted capital, pictures of destroyed Hamburg; (3) German Loot Discovered - "Reichsbank Cache - Yanks entering the world's largest salt mines at Merkers, Germany are startled to find one hundred tons of gold bullion, jewels, silver currency and priceless paintings by the masters, the cached loot of the Nazis." (4) In The Wake Of Victory - "Eminent people, long held in Nazi prison camps are found at a Villa in the Alps. They include Baroness Schussning, Fritz Thyssen, industrialist, Prince Leopold of Prussia, Anti-Nazi Pastor Niemacher, Lt. John Winant and Lord Lascelles, nephew of King George VI. In contrast at Magebarg, General Dietmars, Nazi broadcaster becomes a prisoner of the Yanks." (5) All Out Air War On Japan - "Aircraft factories near Nagasaki are bombed by B-29s from Guam. From Saipan, a fleet of B-29s pierce clouds of flak over Tokyo to plant tons of bombs on the Jap capital city. Homeward, many of the Superforts are forced down at Iwo Jima, where flak damage is seen to be severe." scenes of map and arial footage of airstrikes on Japan, damaged SuperFortress lands on Iwo Jima.
  62. U.S. War Dead Honored On Memorial Day, 1945/05/31 (1945) (1) "As America shifts her armed might to finish off the last remaining Axis power, she pauses to honor her heroes who were slain in this and in previous wars. In Arlington National Cemetery, Colonel Lowry, representing President Truman, places a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. The National Cemetery in Brooklyn, N.Y. is visited by thousands who pay their respects to the fallen heroes who lie there. Riverside Drive, N.Y.C., is the scene of the annual service parade, in which thousands of marchers and onlookers give honour to The Flag and to the men who have died while defending it. Anzio Battlefield, Italy is revisited by U.S. Rangers, who after fighting there had been imprisoned by the Nazis until freed by the Russians. Prior to shipping home, the Rangers honor their comrades who lie buried there." scenes of Tomb of Unknown Soldier wreath laid by Col. Lowery, National Cemetery in Brooklyn, 25,000 parade in New York, first time no Civil War veteran able to participate, soldiers visit Italy cemetery; (2) Destroyer Survives 8 Attacks - "Seattle, Wash.: Although 8 Jap suicide planes crashed into her off Okinawa, the U.S.S. Laffey, a destroyer, limps home for repairs. Ship workers get first hand proof that we are still engaged in a very tough war." scenes of USS Laffey on display in Seattle, with Japanese suicide boat, more shipyard workers needed (3) Mrs. Truman Christens War Bond Plane - National Airport, Washington, DC: In her first official appearance as first lady of the land, Mrs. Truman christens two giant air ambulances, which were purchased by the Congressional Club, one for the Army, the other for the Navy." but champagne bottle does not break. (4) Air Rescue Training - "Alberta, Canada: Parachuting R.C.A.F. rescue men air for tree tops in their 'timber jumps,' then slide down extension ropes to render aid to victims stricken in the forests." (5) Iraq Regent at Capital - "The White House: Arriving from Casablanca at President Truman's invitation, Prince Abdul Ilah, Prince Regent of Iraq, enters official discussions with America's chief magistrate." (6) Gen. Clark Gets Ovation In Chicago - Mark Clark with Mayor Kelly parade down Michigan Blvd. (7) Food Chief Appeals For Farm Help - War Food Administrator Jones speaks with pictures of farmers.
  63. Allies Seize German Loot and Criminals,1945/06/04 (1945) (1) Allies Seize German Loot and Criminals - "With Germany's complete capitulation, her various leaders present diverse pictures as they are forced from their habitats, into surrender. Hermann Goering, Number Two Nazi, seems dazed as all the dangling medals are removed from his broad chest and he is subjected to a blistering press conference with British and U.S. correspondents. Discovery of his vast collection of stolen art treasures at Berchtesgaden, only adds to his discomfiture. Field Marshall von Runstedt and his son are studies in unflinching Prussian militarism, before they are whisked away for internment. Field Marshal Kesselring, defence expert from the Italian campaign, seems deliriously amused at hte prospect which awaits him. While Adolf Hitler, the arch criminal, has not been taken into custody yet, a painstaking search of his many haunts is being made. A visit to Ladsberg Prison, in which he wrote Mein Kampf in 1923-4, merely reveals that his cell had been made into a Nazi shrine. And Berchtesgaden, Hitler's beautiful Alpine retreat, lies in virtual ruin, a place where proud ex-Nazi guardsmen are busily engaged as yard men, sweeping up the rubble which was left by R.A.F. bombings." scenes of rise of Hitler, his mountain citadel, Hermann Goering Art Collection hidden in caves recovered, Rundstedt, Kesselring, Goering captured, press conference by Goering (2) Victory Pipeline - "Operation P.L.U.T.O. - The Pipe Line Under The Ocean was an engineering miracle by which the British pumped gasoline from the Isle of Wight to Cherbourg, France, a brief two months after D-Day. Huge drums floated and laid the specially prepared pipe line. Camouflaged pump stations at both ends of the line handled millions of gallons of oil each day, enabling the Allied mechanized armies to overrun Europe." scenes of PLUTO, the secret of English Channel pipeline can now be revealed, 3 inches in diameter, heavily insulated, laid by cable ships after D-day from huge drums, altogether 20 lines laid to France (3) Mid-Ocean Victory Garden - "Ascension Island: On this lava ash island in the South Atlantic, fresh vegetables are raised in soil-less gardens composed of water and chemicals. The cucumbers, tomatoes and lettuce compare favorably with any which are raised in the orthodox manner."
  64. Pres. Truman Warns Japs To Give Up, 1945/06/07 (1945) "In a speech to Congress, President states that Japan faces the same complete destruction that was visited upon Germany. To that end, millions of troops, and their implements of war, are being transferred more than half way around the earth. The President adds that though many key industries have already been leveled by U.S. air attack, all of Japan's industries will be completely destroyed unless Japan surrenders."
  65. Victorious Generals Welcomed, 1945/06/11 (1945) (1) "Los Angeles: An estimated 2,000,000 Southern Californians wildly cheer General George S. Patton, Jr., and Lt. General Jimmy Doolittle as they pass in triumphant parade. General Doolittle makes an impassioned speech in which he asks the 'home team to continue supplying the goods to the field team' to assure an early victory over Japan." scenes of Patton, Doolittle greeted by 2 million in parade (2) Air Blows Hit Japs On All Fronts - "Strategic bombing comes to the Orient. Huge Yankee bombers dump 300 lb. bombs on Malaybalay on Mindanao, creating huge fires in a concentration of Jap barracks...Medium bombers of the U.S. 10th Air Force drop 500 lb. RDX bombs on Toungoo, ruining this rail junction on the Mandalay-Rangoon line...And Yuncheng, Jap supply base in China, is plastered with 500 lb. incendiary clusters, destroying warehouses and rolling stock." scenes of Rangoon bridge, central Burma, in China (3) RFC Chief Outlines Its Aims - "Washington, DC: Federal Loan Administrator, John W. Snyder, proposes RFC absorption of various subsidiaries, and adds that the disposal of war surpluses is being approached very realistically." scenes of head of Reconstruction Finance Corp. speaks on disposal of government surplus and credit to shift to peacetime production (4) '46 Cars on Way, from Detroit - "Detroit, Mich., Two hand-made '46 model Ford cars roll on their test, exhibition runs. John Q. Citizen will not be able to purchase one for many months due to production clamps and priorities." (5) Reds Mark May Day - "Joseph Stalin reviews gigantic May Day military parade in Red Square, with American and Japanese military observers giving added interest to the proceedings." scenes of parade includes American jeeps, huge new artillery (6) "The Kentucky Derby - Louisville, KY: Excited thousands watch Hoop Junior splash through the mud to cop record purse and give Eddie Arcaro his 3rd Derby win." scenes of Derby Day at Churchill Downs in Kentucky for horse race.
  66. Gen. "Ike" Man of the Hour, 1945/06/18 (1945) (1) "The General of the Army receives a riotous reception on his arrival in Washington. More than a million people forget the heat and humidity to roar their welcome to the man who has been termed one of the greatest generals in history. His message to Congress is a message to all Americans, as he pleads for unity in the war to be won. London: General Eisenhower is given the freedom of the city, an honor that has been granted to but five Americans. Another symbolic honor is the presention of the Duke of Wellington's sword before the general addresses a throng at Mansion House. He tells them that they helped cement the bond between the two countries. Paris: In the shadow of the Arc de Triomphe, General Eisenhower is decorated with the Medal of Liberation by General Charles de Gaulle. The liberator of Frances receives his reward." scenes of Ike honored in England, rides in carriage, speaks from balcony, "I am a Londoner myself" then to France, at French Tomb of Unkonwn Soldier, with DeGaulle, tours the city of Paris, comes home to U.S., welcomed at Washington DC by Mamie, drives down Pennsylvania Ave. to Capitol, speaks to Congress in House chamber, to White House lawn for medal from President Truman.
  67. San Francisco Parley Ends, 1945/06/28 (1945) [some sound missing] (1) "San Francisco, CA: President Truman flies to the city for the last session of the United Nations Conference and is greeted at hte airport by Secretary of State Edward Stettinius before a parade through the streets. At his hotel he confers with Adiral Nimitz on the war in the Pacific. Later he witnesses the voting as fifty nations sigh the Charter that marks ne hopes for an era of peace. First to sign is China, followed by Russia, Great Britain and France. Then Mr. Stettinius affixes his signature for the United States, one of his last acts as Secretary of State. The President's address to the conference emphasizes the hope for a better world with this Charter of the United Nations and stresses it as a victory against war itself. Independence, Missouri: The President's home town turns out en masse to roar a welcome to his first visit home as Chief Executive."
  68. Japanese Surrender, 1945/08/23 (1945) (1) First Pictures of Japanese Surrender, delegates carried by Japanes planes to and then on to Manila; MacArthur ; Halsey on USS Missouri with special cake decorated with Japanese rising sun; (2) Armed Jap Mercy Ship Captured; (3) De Gaulle Arrives - Byrnes meets De Gaulle, meets Truman at White House; (4) U.S. Turns From War To Peace - sailors are first groups to be released in Long Beach on point system; workers leave war plants, line up in cities for new jobs, washing machines and cars soon to start rolling; (5) Pin-Up Derby - baby crawling race over 50-foot course.
  69. Postwar Flattop Launched, 1945/10/15 (1945) (1) USS Oriskany launched, an Essex-class carrier, named after Revolutionary war battle; (2) Secret Maps Guided U.S. Bombers - contour maps 80 ft. by 60 ft. made in California (3) President Decorates War Heroes - Truman gives 15 medals, to men including Corps. Kraft and Dawes (4) First Freight Glider - for lobsters, kept cold by high altitude.
  70. Nazi War Criminal Sentenced, 1945/10/22 (1945) (1) Dachau trial of Strasser; (2) Belgians Riot Over Politics (3) De Gaulle Visits Belgium - drives through Brussels with Prince Regent to royal palace. (
  71. Pres. Truman Urges Wage Adjustment, 1945/11/01 (1945) (1) (silent except Truman's speech) (2) America Goes Back To Peace (3) Yamashita Tried For War Crimes (4) Support Your Victory Loan
  72. Nuremberg War Crimes Trials Open, 1945/11/29 (1945) "Historic scene" of trials opening, Robert Jackson speaks, judge asks each defendant to plead either guilty or not guilty.
  73. Nazis Face War Crime Evidence, 1945/12/06 (1945) (1) Nuremberg trials continue, covered by cameras and press, chart shown of "entire Hitler dynasty" (2) German War Plant Razed - Gen. Truscott oversees blowing up of I.G. Farbin explosives factory.
  74. Christmas Brings Joy To Everyone, 1945/12/10 (1945) (1) Christmas trees from state of Washington, shoppers in cities, children look at dolls and hobby horses, puppets, model trains, Santa Claus; (2) Gen. "Ike" New Chief of Staff - Ike speaks (3) Gen. Stilwell Gives DSC to Hero's Sister - Matsuta was Japanese-American (4) Archbishop Speaks For War Relief - Spellman speaks for donation of canned goods, 15,000 Catholic parishes in the nation will act as receiving stations (5) Aviation in the News - Mixmaster nonstop flight by Douglas bomber, Boeing tandem prop fighter plane for Navy to go 450 mph.

Note: Quality on some of the newsreels is less than perfect. Many were built from actual footage taken in extreme situations so it may appear jumpy and of lesser quality than some of the other sections of footage in this collection. Also, some newsreels have either no sound or degraded sound. However, all footage was left intact as it is all historically significant and interesting, even when a bit less than perfect.