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Historic Chinese Culture, Travelogue and
Communist Takeover Films on DVD

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View Mao's Plans for China, Daily Life and
Celebrations and the Famous Chinese Lion Dance

This fascinating collection of films features Chinese culture and history in the early to mid 20th century.It is a collection of four sound and silent films with a run time of 48 minutes.

Here are the four films that are in this collection.

The first film is titled Red Chinese Battle Plan produced by the US Navy in 1964. The film follows the birth of Chinese Communism by following Mao in his early days - as far back as 1921 - and details the changes and new agressiveness of the country as a result of Mao's Communist movement. It offers great footage of China building its alliances with other Communist powers and details the effects of their policies on their own people.

The second film is titled Parade Celebrating Chinese Republic from 1912. This is a parade celebrating the formation of the Chinese Republic under Sun Yat-Sen in San Francisco, CA.

The third film is titled People of Western China from 1940. This great film portrays the life and work of the people who live in Chengtu, located in a valley in western China. It includes breathtaking scenery and compares and contrasts the old ways of doing everyday activities to the new technologies that are slowly making their lives better and less toilsome.

The last film is titled Chinese Lion Dance from 1925. This film shows a rare Bok Kai Festival with all its crowds, games, parade and fireworks and of course the Chinese lion. It was filmed in Marysville, CA.

Here are some sample clips from the DVD


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Price: $14.97     SKU: A301     Qty: