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Vintage Cancer Film Collection DVD

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Cancer - a word that brings terror to any patient told this
news by their doctor - is examined in this collection of
early films in the discovery and treatment of this dread disease.

This DVD is a collection of three films exploring cancer, its causes and treatment in the mid 20th century.

This film has a run time of approximately 38 minutes.

Here are the films contained in the DVD:

Tobacco and the Human Body (1954) - This film takes a look at smoking and its effects on the human body. It looks at all the chemical components of smoking (tar, nicotine, etc.) and also examines the reasons that people smoke.

You Are The Switchman (1951) - This film explores the need for early detection of cancer and what warning signs one should be on the lookout for to know if they should visit the doctor for testing. The film also covers why early detection is important and looks at several treatment methods of that era.

Cancer - This film covers the warning signs of cancer, cancer treatment and the discussion of the truths and tales of cancer.

Here are some sample images from the DVD

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Price: $14.97     SKU: A661     Qty: