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Historic Blacksmithing and Iron Working
Reference Collection
on CD

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The Historic Blacksmithing and Iron Working Reference Collection contains 20 interesting books relating to the the art and science of blacksmithing, forging and iron working. All the titles contained on this CD are listed below.

  1. Practical blacksmithing Volume 1 (1889) Richardson, M.T. - 232 pages
  2. Practical blacksmithing Volume 3 (1889) Richardson, M.T. - 307 pages
  3. Practical blacksmithing Volume 4 (1889) Richardson, M.T. - 276 pages
  4. Machine blacksmithing (c1910) - Cran, James - 48 pages
  5. Modern blacksmithing : rational horse shoeing and wagon making, with rules, tables, recipes, etc. (1904) - Holmström, John Gustaf - 202 pages
  6. Farm blacksmithing; a textbook and problem book for students in agricultural schools and colleges, technical schools, and for farmers (c1921) - Friese, John Frank - 92 pages
  7. The mechanician, a treatise on the construction and manipulation of tools, for the use and instruction of young engineers and scientific amateurs; comprising the arts of blacksmithing and forging; the construction and manufacture of hand tools, and the various methods of using and grinding them; description of hand and machine processes; turning and screw cutting; and the various details of setting out work incidental to the mechanical engineer's and machinist's art (1879) - Knight, Cameron - 397 pages
  8. Forge-practice and heat treatment of steel (1919) - Bacon, John Lord; Markham, Edward Russell - 418 pages
  9. Blacksmith shop practice .. (c1910) - Cran, James - 40 pages
  10. Machine molding; foundry appliances, malleable casting, brass founding, blacksmith-shop equipment, iron forging, tool dressing, hardening & tempering, treatment of low-carbon steel, hammer work, machine forging, special forging operations (1906) - International Correspondence Schools - 684 pages
  11. The value of science in the smithy and forge (1916) - Cathcart, William Hutton; Stead, John Edward - 163 pages
  12. Forge work (c1912) - Ilgen, William Lewis; Moore, Charles Frederick - 210 pages
  13. Elementary forge practice; a text-book for technical and vocational schools (1920) - Harcourt, Robert H. (Robert Henry) - 154 pages
  14. Elementary Wrought Iron (1930) - J. W. Bollinger - 139 pages
  15. Wrought iron and steel in construction. Convenient rules, formulae, and tables for the strength of wrought iron shapes used as beams, struts, shafts, etc. (1885) - Pencoyd Iron Works - 196 pages
  16. Pocket companion of useful information and tables appertaining to the use of wrought iron (1881) - Strobel, Charles Lewis - 177 pages
  17. A manual of useful information and tables appertaining to the use of wrought iron as manufactured by the Passaic Rolling Mill Co.; for engineers, architects, and builders (1884) - Passaic Rolling Mill Co. (Paterson, N.J.) - 128 pages
  18. Architectural wrought-iron, ancient and modern; a compilation of examples from various sources of German, Swiss, Italian, French, English and American iron-work from mediaeval times down to the present day (1888) - Kent, William Winthrop - 34 pages, 35 plates
  19. The construction of wrought iron bridges: embracing the practical application of the principles of mechanics to wrought iron girder work (1858) - Latham, John Herbert - 282 pages
  20. Iron and steel; a treatise on the smelting, refining, and mechanical processes of the iron and steel industry, including the chemical and physical characteristics of wrought iron, carbon, high-speed and alloy steels, cast iron, and steel castings, and the application of these materials in machine and tool construction (1918) - Oberg, Erik; Jones, Franklin Day - 325

Here are the computer requirements to run and operate this CD. You must have a PC running Windows or a Macintosh running OS X or higher software and a web browser. All the manuals in this disk are in DJVU format. This format allows you to page through the manuals, enlarge pages for better viewing and print the individual pages or entire manual as well as many other things. The viewer is very intuitive to use and has a full help system to answer any questions you may have about its more advanced features. The viewer is included on the CD.

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Price: $14.97     SKU: B291     Qty: