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Gold Mining Historic Book Collection on CD

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The allure of gold has gripped the imagination of people for as long as there has been civilization. Its scarcity, easy malleability, bright yellow color and other features have made it a much sought after metal. Used in industry, as a store of wealth and jewelry, many methods have been devised to extract this ore from the ground and process it into pure and highly valuable gold.

This collection of 34 books explores the methods and technologies used to extract gold ore from the ground and purify it as they were practiced in the mid 1800s to the early 1900s. The books are a fascinating look back at this wildcat era of gold extraction and processing. It makes for fascinating reading for anyone who has a historical interest in the precious metals mining industry as well as for people who are currently involved in gold seeking operations - whether as professional prospectors or weekend adventurers.

The books in this collection are:

  1. The metallurgy of gold (1896) - Rose, Thomas Kirke, Roberts-Austen, W. C. - 526 pages
  2. The mining and metallurgy of gold and silver (1867) - Phillips, John Arthur - 578 pages
  3. Australian mining and metallurgy (1907) - Clark, Donald - 625 pages
  4. The metallurgy of the common metals, gold, silver, iron, copper, lead and zinc (1909) - Austin, Leonard S - 506 pages
  5. A compendium of gold metallurgy (ores) : and digest of U.S. mining laws, water rights, desert land law, etc. (1901) - Wade, E. M. - 186 pages
  6. The metallurgy of gold, a practical treatise on the metallurgical treatment of gold-bearing ores, including the processes of concentration, chlorination, and extraction by cyanide, and the assaying, melting, and refining of gold (1896) - Eissler, Manuel - 774 pages
  7. Instructions for collecting, testing, melting and assaying gold, with a description of the process for distinguishing native gold ... for use of persons who are about to visit the gold region of California (1848) - Kent, Edward N - 44 pages
  8. Nevada and California processes of silver and gold extraction : for general use, and especially for the mining public of California and Nevada : with full explanations and directions for all metallurgical operations connected with silver and gold ... : also, a description of the general metallurgy of silver ores (1863) - Küstel, G. - 357 pages
  9. Notes on the treatment of gold ores (1889) - O'Driscoll, Florence - 242 pages
  10. Papers read before the Black Hills mining men's association at their regular monthly meetings, on the mining and metallurgy of Black Hills ores, together with a brief outline of the mining industry of the Black Hills, and some statistics relating to the output of gold from the district (1904) - Black Hills Mining Men's Association - 144 pages
  11. Roasting of gold and silver ores, and the extraction of their respective metals without quicksilver (1880) - Kustel, G - 177 pages
  12. Laboratory instructions for fire assays of gold, silver, and lead. (1913) - Morley, Walter S - 56 pages
  13. Leaching gold and silver ores : The Plattner and Kiss processes. A practical treatise (1881) - Aaron, C. H. - 210 pages
  14. Field testing for gold and silver : a practical manual for prospectors and miners (1911) - Merritt, William Hamilton - 182 pages
  15. The Hunt and Douglas process for extracting copper from its ores. With an appendix including notes on the treatment of silver and gold ores (1876) - Hunt, Thomas Sterry; Douglas, James; Stewart, James Oscar - 52 pages
  16. Quartz operator's hand book (1865) - Wheeler, Zenas - 159 pages
  17. The lay-out, design and construction of chemical and metallurgical plants; detailed descriptions and illustrations of actual layouts and constructions of acid, alkali, fertilizer, brick, cement, gas, coke, and other plants, of spelter and copper works, gold and silver mills, etc. (1911) - Nagel, Oskar, - 270 pages
  18. The metallurgy of silver, gold, and mercury in the United States Volume 1 (1887) - Egleston, Thomas - 623 pages
  19. The metallurgy of silver, gold, and mercury in the United States Volume 2 (1887) - Egleston, Thomas - 977 pages
  20. A Textbook on Metallurgy of Gold, Silver, Copper, Lead, and Zinc (1902) - International Correspondence Schools - 786 pages
  21. Manual of assaying gold, silver, copper,and lead ores (1886) - Brown, Walter Lee - 506 pages
  22. Fire Assaying; a Practical Treatise on the Fire Assaying of Gold, Silver and Lead (1907) - Evans Walker Buskett - 128 pages
  23. Gold assaying : a practical handbook giving the modus operandi for the accurate assay of auriferous ores and bullion and the chemical tests required in the processes of extraction by amalgamation, cyanidation and chlorination : with an appendix of tables and statistics (1904) - Phillips, H. Joshua - 162 pages
  24. Illustrated history of the United States mint with a complete description of American coinage, from the earliest period to the present time. The process of melting, refining, assaying, and coining gold and silver fully described: (1888) - Evans, George Greenlief - 231 pages
  25. A familiar explanation of the art of assaying gold and silver; and its bearing upon the interests of the public demostrated; with considerations on the importance of the Pix jury; a review of the past and present state of the goldsmiths' trade; and a table, showing the mixture and sterling value per ounce of every quality of gold that can be alloyed (1847) - Watherston, James H - 76 pages
  26. Practical instructions for the determination by furnace assay of gold and silver in rocks and ores (1881) - Chapman, E. J. - 70 pages
  27. The doctrine of gold and silver computations: in which is included, that of the par of money: the proportion in value between gold and silver; and the valuation of gold, silver, and parting assays: with useful tables and copper-plates (1766) - Snelling, Thomas - 171 pages
  28. Tables showing the value of silver and gold, per ounce Troy, at different degrees of fineness (1876) - 45 pages
  29. The assayer's guide; or, Practical directions to assayers, miners and smelters, for the tests and assays, by heat and by wet processes, of the ores of all the principal metals, of gold and silver coins and alloys, and of coal, &c. (1907) - Lieber, Oscar M. - 336 pages
  30. Prospecting for gold and silver (1895) - Lakes, Arthur - 223 pages
  31. Prospecting for Gold and Silver in North America (1896) - Arthur Lakes - 300 pages
  32. Principles of mining : valuation, organization and administration : copper, gold, lead, silver, tin and zinc (c1909) - Hoover, Herbert - 219 pages
  33. Pomeroy's mining manual for prospectors, miners and schools; showing where and how to search for gold and silver mines, and to make tests (1881) - Pomeroy, Henry R. - 134 pages
  34. Gold and silver; comprising an economic history of mining in the United States, the geographical and geological occurrence of the precious metals, with their mineralogical associations, history and description of methods of mining and extraction of values, and a detailed discussion of the production of gold and silver in the world and the United States (1908) - Crane, Walter R. - 795 pages

This CD runs on all Windows and Macintosh computers. You must have a web browser and Adobe Acrobat Reader - (available for free download if you do not have it installed on your computer.) The book index is organized in an HTML menu that is compatible with all browsers and the books themselves are in PDF format to allow them to be universally accessed. Many books on this CD are searchable and printable.

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Price: $14.97     SKU: B489     Qty: