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Combat America
Starring & Narrated by Clark Gable

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Combat America follows the life and times of the Flying Fortress crews of the 351st Bombardment Group from their days of training in Colorado to actual aerial combat over Germany. The film tells the story of these brave crewmen and gunners, shows how they lived, worked, trained and fought during their grueling period of training and deadly missions. The footage of aerial battles over many locations in Germany and the huge hours and stress these men were put under to complete their missions are very graphically detailed.

In addition the the B-17's, you will see a large variety of allied and Nazi planes battling in the skies as well as the damage sustained as the result of various combat missions. (It is amazing to see how much damage one of these planes could absorb and still make it back to base.) The film was produced at the command of General Henry H. Arnold, Commanding General of the Army Air Forces, as an orientation film for gunners training to serve in the European theater of operations so they had realistic expectations of their day to day activities during actual combat situations.

Cast of Combat America

Clark Gable ... Himself/Narrator
William A. Hatcher ... Himself/Commanding General
Philip J. Hulls ... Himself/Top Turret Gunner
Kenneth L. Hulls ... Himself/Ball Turret Gunner
Theodore R. Geropolis ... Himself/Pilot
Daniel F. Stevens ... Himself/Bombardier
Paul J. Posti ... Himself/Ball Turret Gunner
Tim Tuchet ... Himself/Tailgunner
Henry H. Arnold ... Himself/Commander, U.S. Army Air Forces (as H.H. Arnold)
Ace Akins ... Himself
Pete Provenzale ... Himself
Bob Hope ... Himself
Jack Pepper ... Himself
Frances Langford ... Herself
Tony Romano ... Himself
rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Robert Wallace ... Himself/Pilot

Run time is approximately 1 hour.

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Price: $14.97     SKU: A193    Qty: