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The Kennedy Tapes - 180 Hours of MP3 John F Kennedy (JFK) Meeting Recordings From 7/62 to 11/63 on 4 DVDs

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This fascinating collection of John F Kennedy meeting tapes spans 4 DVDs and has a total run time of approximately 180 hours. It contains a total of 171 MP3 files recorded at 192KBPS (high quality setting).

A complete guide to the contents of each recording is included on DVD 4.

Some of the many topics include nuclear test ban treaty, the U.S. economy, Soviet Union, United Nations, conversations with General MacArthur, Cuba, conversations with Eisenhower, nuclear testing and much more.

Note: These were live meeting tapes recorded in the Oval Office and contain the background noise of staff members, attendees, phones, and other noises in the room during the taping periods. Also, certain segments are deleted as they are still classified and could not be included.

Here are some more detailed examples of a few of the many meeting tapes included in this collection:

Tape No. 2
89 minutes

Declassified in full, 11/98. Portions opened 6/83.

Description: Economy: Test Ban Treaty: Negotiations; advantages of test ban; potential nuclear countries; effects of continued testing; proliferation; countries' cost, time, motivation; proliferation of peaceful reactors; need for collaboration between US/USSR; comparison of US/USSR capabilities; development of fusion bomb; atmospheric testing; airborne test system; alternate land sites; effects of total test ban; possibility of countries cheating; further weapons development; increased weapons efficiency; affect of abrogation of treaty; discussion of tabling atmospheric treaty; public appeal.

Tape No. 18
87 minutes

Declassified in part, 11/98. One segment (totaling 34 seconds) closed due to national security classification.

Description: Meeting 1: Soviet Union: JFK candor in response to Khrushchev; Soviet note; US overflights of Sakhalin Islands; possible violation of Soviet territory; JFK credibility; RFK conversation with Dobrynin; weapons agreement for Cuba; possible discussion of Cuba; Berlin. Meeting 2: Cuba: Military expenditures; missile strength; nuclear versus non-nuclear; possible blockade; Soviet shipments of arms; UN; Venezuela captured arms cache; US policy towards Cuba; possibility of worldwide confrontation; use of Monroe Doctrine; Gen. Carter briefing; RFK.

Tape No. 20:
57 minutes

Declassified in part, 11/98. Fifteen segments (totaling 7 minutes and 17 seconds) closed due to national security classification.

Description: Meeting 1: Cuba: Congressional briefing; force levels; composition of personnel; Soviet's response to Congressional action; McNamara meeting with the leadership. Meeting 2: Nuclear testing: Number of tests; amount of fission; possible future tests; radiation effects; Soviet tests; US tests; timing of tests; AEC preference; atmospheric, underground testing; cost, benefits of tests, US national security needs; termination of tests; Soviet tests.

Tape No. 47
11/1/62 and 11/2/62
92 minutes

Declassified in Part, 11/99. Ten segments (totaling 12 minutes and 10 seconds) closed due to national security classification.

Description: Meeting 1: Cuba: (11/1/62) low-level flights over Cuba; IL-28 bombers; instructions to New York; OAS support. Berlin: (short conversation) discussion with the Chancellor regarding a ten year standstill on Berlin. Cuba: Dean Rusk telephone conversation with George Ball regarding Cuba. Meeting 2: Cuba: (11/2/62) Denial of Khrushchev's instability; McCone intelligence briefing; Ball Report on Mikoyan, Zorin and Kuznetsov dinner meeting with Stevenson and McCloy in New York; UN presence; SAM sites; press conference; Ball reads 6 -points statement; inspection of outgoing and incoming ships; limited daily over flights; release of photos to the press; current status of quarantine and inspection; Atomic Testing: announcement.

This product is a DVD collection of MP3s. It is designed to be played on your computer DVD drive with standard mp3 software - like Windows media player or its equivalent on Macintosh computers. The mp3 files on the DVDs can be copied onto CDs for play in your car stereo, home entertainment center, etc so you can take your favorite meeting topics with you anywhere you go.


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Price: $34.97     SKU: A475-A478     Qty: