A key to a successful treasure or relic hunt with a metal detector is research. If you want to have a chance of finding interesting relics, you need to know where activities occurred that could leave a trail of artifacts. For instance, if you knew the location of an abandoned mining camp from 150 years ago, you could probably find a variety of unique mining memorabilia buried in the ground. The same with wars. If you knew the location of an old battlefield, chances are very good that you could find old bullets and other metal peices – such as buttons from uniforms, etc. in the area.

So how does one research these things?

The easiest way is with accurate maps that were created during the time period in question. They will pinpoint key battle areas that can then be correlated with modern maps to give you a good location to start your search. Other good research tools are old newspapers from the location and era you are interested in researching and local historians in the smaller towns in the area.

If you do good research before beginning your adventure, your chances of discovering interesting bits of history are greatly increased. And of course the enjoyment of the event is much higher with each success you have.

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