Following the success of the widely popular 50 state quarter program, the U.S. Mint is rolling out the U.S. Presidential dollar coin series. The first coins will be placed into circulation in February 2007 and will rotate with a new president appearing every three months. The first four presidents will be George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison.

To be qualified to be on a presidentail coin, a president must have been dead for two years. And each president will appear only one time. The only exception is Grover Cleveland who served nonconsecutive terms. He will be on two issues of the coin.

The coins are the size and color of the Sacagawea dollar.

This is the latest attempt of the U.S. mint to get the public to accept a dollar coin and this time they may succeed. A certain number of the coins will of course be collected and not be on the market but by keeping the coins interesting, it makes getting and working with the change fun.

If they are successful, they will save about $500 million annually in printing costs on one dollar bills as they will need to print less and less of them to replace worn out dollar bills as the new coin gets used more and more.

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