Duck and Cover is perhaps the most famous of the Cold War era civil defense films. Any child growing up during this era – the 50s – probably remembers watching Bert the Turtle educate them about atomic civil defense.

While the world has certainly changed dramatically from those days, the threat of a mass destruction device on a large city is still very real and it is good to be educated about what could happen and what steps you could take to ensure your maximum safety during an emergency – whether it be a natural disaster or a man made terrorist/war type disaster.

FEMA has a ton of information on a variety of civil defense related issues including:

* Chemical
* Dam Failure
* Earthquake
* Fire
* Flood
* Haz. Material
* Heat
* Hurricane
* Landslide
* Nuclear
* Terrorism
* Thunderstorm
* Tornado
* Tsunami
* Volcano
* Wildfire
* Winter Storm

If you live in an area where one of these types of events could occur, it may be wise to take a few minutes to review their civil defense procedures for that type of disaster so you can be better prepared for that eventuality.

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