It is always fascinating to see the equipment that was used by soldiers in past conflicts. This list is what was given to new inductees at Camp Lee, VA in 1943 during WWII.

2 Tags, Identification
1 Raincoat
1 Shaving brush
1 Tooth brush
1 Comb
1 Razor w/5 b1ades
2 Towels, huck
1 Towel, bath
2 Barrack bags
5 Drawers, Cotton
5 Undershirts, Cotton
2 Shirts, Wool, O.D.
2 Shirts, Cotton, Khaki
1 Jacket, Field
2 Trousers, Wool, O.D.
2 Trousers, Cotton, Khaki
1 Pr. Leggins
1 Pr. Gloves, Wool.
1 Belt, Web, Waist
1 Coat, Serge, O.D.
1 Overcoat, Wool O.D.
2 Jackets, Herringbone Twill
2 Trousers, Herringbone Twill
1 Hat, Herringbone Twill
1 Liner, Helmet w/l Neckband and 1 headband
1 Cap, Garrison, O.D.
2 Caps, Garrison, Khaki
1 Cap, Wool, Knit
1 Meat Can
1 Knife
1 Fork
1 Spoon
4 Handkerchiefs, Cotton
1 Tape for Ind. Tags, Cotton
1 Canteen
1 Cover, Canteen
1 Cup, Canteen
1 Manual, Basic Field
2 Neckties, Mohair
3 Pr. Socks, Wool, Light
5 Pr. Socks, Cotton, Tan
2 Pr. Shoes, Service
While being issued all these items, they were given instructions to be sure every item was issued to them because they were financially responsible for all the items that they were given in case they were lost or damaged.

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