Propoganda was a central theme of Nazi Germany. The level of supportive rhetoric of the Nazi Regime was one of the key components of keeping the German people whipped up to a fever pitch during the war. Without this spin on behalf of the leaders, the Nazi war machine would not have been nearly as powerful.

Like most brainwashing, the avalanche started with a small start. It was in 1927 when the propoganda about the Nazis and what they could do for their people started. Each year, the Nazis grew more and more brazen in their propoganda campaign and as they became more brazen, their power grew as the propoganda was targeted to the discontented who were looking for a solution to take Germany out of its doldrums from the first world war.

The propoganda, looked at through the lens of history, makes a fascinating study of how the press can be used to communicate a message strongly enough and long enough for it to be accepted by a population. And with acceptance comes power to the people propogating the message.

Calvin College has an extensive archive of Nazi propoganda online – all translated into English – starting from 1927 all the way through the end of World War II. It covers this entire period with a collection of essays, articles, news clippings and multimedia – and includes the buildup to the war, wartime propoganda activities and a tremendous amount of anti semitic propoganda to justify and support the onging holocaust.

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