Back in the days of the American Civil War, horses were a vital part cog in the war machine. They were used by the cavalry, to move supplies and weapons and as personal transportation between units and by important players in the Civil War.

Due to the fame of their riders, many horses also were made famous. Here is a list of ten of the more famous Civil War horses.

  1. Ajax  Рwas ridden by Robert E. Lee early in the war. Ajax was returned to the farm as Lee considered the horse too big for his use.
  2. Brown Roan – another horse used by Lee early in the war. Brown Roan was considered too skittish and not up to the strains of battle.
  3. Traveler – Robert E. Lee’s favorite horse. It served Lee well during the war and was buried at Washington and Lee University.
  4. Old Sorrel – the favorite of Stonewall Jackson. It’s skeleton is preserved at the VMI museum in Lexington.
  5. Sam – ridden by General Sherman. This fast horse was wounded several times in battle and died in 1884.
  6. Dolly – the favorite of William T. Sherman until it was stolen.
  7. Black Bess – ridden by Confederate general John Hunt Morgan
  8. Virginia – ridden by Jeb Stuart at Gettysburg
  9. Don Juan – ridden by General Custer in the Grand Review of the armies
  10. Curtis Lee – ridden by George A. Custer. The horse survived the war but was later accidentally killed in a buffalo hunt.

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2 Responses to “10 Famous Civil War Horses”

  • Sarah:

    In today’s day, there are airplanes tanks to get around, but back ten there were horses. I’m glad to see the horses from back then are getting some recognition for the immense help they’ve been for their soldiers. It’s interesting to see that Robert Lee had ridden that many horses. Just goes to show that horses had to be trained, then fight, and die like the men who fought.

  • Katrina:

    Its not often you see 10 Famous Civil War Horses listed anywhere yet without those great animals those generals would not have done what they did. All too often we forget that its not only the man that helped a war but the animals as well.
    Thanks for listing a few of the great Horses of the war.

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