The Eisenhower Library is a central repository for many documents related to the extermination of the Jews and other races during the Holocaust. The documents describe atrocities in the concentration and extermination camps, documents related to the concerns of high level leaders to these sabage acts and much more.

Many of these documents are online and are directly accessible from the Eisenhower Library web page.

Here is a sampling of the documents available there:

  • Investigation Report on the Life in a German Extermination Camp (Kz Natzweiler) and the Atrocities Committed There. 1941-1944″
  • Economic Life in Poland (Report covering period from January 1st to April 30th, 1942), which includes a 13-page description of varous concentration camps, July 1942
  • Report on Atrocities Committeed by the Germans Against the Civilian Population of Belgium, February 1945, by Hq. 21 Army Group
  • Letter, General Dwight D. Eisenhower to British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, enclosing photographs from the Ohrdruf Concentration Camp, 4/18/45
  • Telegram, Winston Churchill to Dwight Eisenhower re inspection teams to be sent to Ohrdruf Camp, 4/21/45
  • Letter, Alexander Frieder to Dwight Eisenhower re victory in Europe and the decision to allow inspections of the concentration camps, 6/1/45
  • Telegram, General Eisenhower to General George Marshall concerning Nazi horrors; requests visit by members of Congress and the media, 4/19/45
  • Inspection of German concentration camp for political prisoners located at Buckenwald on the north edge of Weimaar – made by Brig. Gen. Eric F. Wood, Lt. Col. Chas. H. Ott, and CWO. S.M. Dye, on the morning of 16th April 1945.”
  • and many more

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